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Hero vs. Villain Quiz

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Hero vs Villain Quiz

Wednesday’s spirit week theme is going to be Heroes vs. Villains! If you are having trouble deciding whether to be a hero or a villain, take this quiz to find out.

1) What would you do if you won the lottery?

a) Donate half to charity

b)  Buy an island for my dog

c) Give some to my family members

d) Build the biggest house in the world with an indoor water park

2) What power would you rather have?

a) Power to fly

b) X-ray vision

c) Strength

d) Invisibility

3) You found a lost cat what do you do?

a) Return the kitty to its address

b) Walk past

c) Call the owner

d) Cats… gross

4) Who is the cutest superhero?

a) Chris Evans as Captain America

b) Henry Cavill as Superman

c) Andrew Garfield as Spiderman

d)  Megamind

5) Have you ever done anything “Bad”?

a) No

b) Yes

c) Does stealing a dollar from my dad count?

d) Maybe

6) How do you sleep at night?

a) Like a baby

b) I don’t

c) At least 6 hours

d) It depends on the night

7) What is your favorite food?

a) Chocolate Cake

b) Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

c) Ice Cream

d) Chicken Wings

8) If you saw a little kid selling lemonade would you buy some?

a) Of Course!

b) LOL

c) If I have money

d) I’d rather get Chick-Fil-A

9) How do people describe you?

a) Caring

b) Mean

c) Brave

d) Strong

10) Ok bye

a) Have a nice day!

b) Okey then, bye

c) Bye

d) *cricket chirps*

Mostly As: You’re Definitely a Hero!

I bet you do a lot of community service! And save kittens from trees! You are very gracious, helpful, and sweet. Your main goal is to help others no matter how much it inconveniences you.

Mostly Bs: You are a Bad Guy!

You are 100% a villain. You are not a good person. If you were an animal, you would be a scary dragon.   

Mostly Cs: You Could go Either Way.

You are a good person with a bit of a bad side. You love to help others but only if it is not too much work for you. You are brave and strong and use those qualities for good…most of the time.

Mostly Ds: You’re Not the Worst Guy Around.

You aren’t a complete villain, but you are not the nicest guy around. You have some good qualities but also some bad. You are salted caramel in human form.

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