Meet the New Teachers: Mrs. Smith

Here’s the inside scoop on one of our new teachers at Magnet this year! Mrs. Smith is a new member of our English staff and will be teaching literature.

Where are you from?

Mrs. Smith grew up in Camden, South Carolina and stayed there until she graduated from high school. She then attended Clemson University and got her master’s degree in counseling from the Citadel.

What made you want to teach at AMHS?

Mrs. Smith was actually about to retire after 28 years of teaching in the public school system before coming to Magnet. She had been a guidance counselor for the past two years and wanted an opportunity to be back in the classroom at a school like Magnet. Mrs. Smith always wanted to work at Magnet and teach literature, and she knew that she had to apply for the job when it opened up.

Where have you previously taught?

Lamar High School, Summerville, Fort Dorchester, Wando, James Island Charter, and St. John’s

What classes do you teach?

She has taught English literature and has also been a guidance counselor over curriculum and program coordination. This year she is teaching Sophomore English and Thesis.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Witty, Creative, Distracted

Do you have a family?

Mrs. Smith lives in West Ashley with her adorable dog and husband who teaches at Stall High School. She also has a daughter who is a freshman at First Baptist. Her daughter is a swimmer, so Mrs. Smith spends a lot of time around the pool.

Do you have any special talents?

She enjoys expanding her creative endeavours and loves making crafty artwork. She owns a greeting card business with a former colleague and paints.

What inspired you to be a teacher?

Mrs. Smith always wanted to be a teacher; she recalls playing teacher as a kid. In high school she remembered having a closed-minded teacher who didn’t really listen to her students, and decided that she wanted to be a teacher who allowed room for student growth. Originally, Mrs. Smith went to school to be a biology teacher, but actually figured out that she had a strong passion and skill for English literature.

What is the best part of your job?

She enjoys the variety in student personalities.

Do you have an heroes and why?

Mrs. Smith looks up to MLK because of what he represented and how he was able to accomplish his goals through the use of peaceful demonstration. She enjoys the eloquence of his speeches and writings.

What is your goal as a teacher?

She wants to take every student who enters her classroom and make them a stronger, better thinker than they were before.


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