ReLAX! It’s Lacrosse Season!

Athletes are starting their seasons allacrosse the nation


Junior Lily Rumph (25) barrels down the field with the ball, followed by teammates Maggie Winters (16) and Isabel Eicher (36)

Spring has sprung! That means the start of lacrosse season, much to the anticipation of the AMHS student body. Both the women’s and men’s teams have kicked off promising seasons, with the women’s team holding a 4-2 record and the men at 2-2.

Although the two sports share the same name, women’s and men’s lacrosse are quite different. Women’s sticks have much shallower pockets, making it more difficult to catch and keep possession of the ball. Men wear helmets and padding, while women have only goggles and mouth guards. The variance in protective gear comes from the differences in rules; aggressive stick checking and body contact are legal in men’s lacrosse, but will result in a penalty in women’s.

This Wednesday on March 9th, the women’s team will take on Bishop England, a formidable rival. The men’s team will play AC Flora on Thursday the 8th. Be sure to attend both home games and cheer on your classmates! Go Raptors!