Embracing the Role of a Bench Player



This is what a typical gameday evening looks like for the Monmouth University bench. Quite different from your usual bench reactions in a college basketball game, isn’t it? Well this group isn’t usual. Their celebrations are ridiculous, but their enthusiasm certainly can’t be matched. They are taking the phrase, “supporting your team from the sidelines” to the next level. However, it hasn’t been easy for the “Bench Mob”, their self-made nickname. After a long, arduous practice every day, this group of 5 or 6 players then have to set aside more time and bring out their creativity to be sure that no one is let down when the Hawks knock down a three or throw down a thunderous jam.

And it is clear that they definitely do have a creative side to go with their athletic abilities on the court. So whether it be the “Katniss Everdeen”, the “Lucky Catch” or upcoming celebrations such as the “News Anchor” or the “Pirate Ship” which you’ll have to wait and see in action, Monmouth basketball is becoming must-see TV.

Oh, and by the way, their basketball team is also pretty good. They have upset victories over Notre Dame, USC, and Georgetown, and are currently 7-3, with all three losses over solid teams. Being in a relatively unknown conference, the MAAC, they are early favorites to win the conference, which means the country should get to see them in the NCAA tournament.

If this is what the “Bench Mob” came up with in some early, rather unimportant games, I can only imagine what’s to come should they be playing in March.