Spanish Students Leap to Success with The Princess and the Frog

What’s green and red all over? A really angry frog!

Last Wednesday, December 9th, Sra. Shields’s AP Spanish and Spanish 5 classes performed their adapted work, La Princesa y el Sapo (The Princess and the Frog). The students translated the script, created the props, and choreographed all the dances themselves. They have been rehearsing the play for months. Each class was given two scenes to interpret; from there, roles were assigned and lines memorized. Maddie Steen performed vocals on every song, while Misha Pekar accompanied on piano. Robert Lowery managed the lights (and also gave a stellar portrayal of Princess Charlotte LaBouff!).

Spanish-speaking students from Dunston and North Charleston Elementary Schools came to enjoy the musical. The students were at the edges of their seats when they weren’t crying with laughter. They were especially impressed by Eduardo da Costa’s performance as Doctor Facilier, who dramatically reached to the students for help as he was dragged to the underworld.

The AMHS actors donated children’s books as gifts to the elementary school students, who were excited and grateful to receive them.

Kudos to you, Spanish performers! The play was a huge hit for all who attended.