Meet the Varsity Boys Senior Basketball Players

With the first home Raptor basketball game tonight vs. St. John’s, The Talon decided to interview the seniors of the varsity boys’ basketball team to help the student body get to know these celebrity athletes.

Jakob Cumins (Biscuit)


Josh Isaacks (former AMHS baller), Jakob Cumins, and Ben Redden

Superstitions/pregame rituals – “Before every game I drink one Red Bull and one espresso”

Meaning behind nickname – “It’s classified”

Worst Injury – “Which one?”

Favorite pump-up song – Wild Out by Waka Flocka

Pregame food – TBonz

One word to describe Coach Kelley – Intense

Ben Redden (Zero)

Superstitions/pregame rituals – “I take a nap and then I get piped up”

Meaning behind nickname – “Because everyone thinks I’m stupid”

Worst Injury – Hangnails

Favorite pump-up song – Eye of the Tiger

Pregame food – TBonz

One word to describe Coach Kelley – Loud

Danny Cunningham (Twig)


Danny Cunningham cheesing hard

Superstitions/pregame rituals – “I put on my right sock, then my left sock, then my right shoe, then my left shoe”

Meaning behind nickname – “I looked like a twig freshman year”

Worst Injury – Concussion a few years ago

Favorite pump-up song – The Spiteful Chant by Kendrick Lamar

Pregame food – Pasta

One word to describe Coach Kelley – Intense

Keb Mosley-Kellum (Doc)


Keb Mosley-Kellum wearing his Power Beats in style

Superstitions/pregame rituals – alway listens to music before games with his Power Beats

Meaning behind nickname – because he has an interest in medicine

Worst Injury – He got a lower back sprain from doing a layup on a fast break, he was undercut by a defender and flipped over him. Pain ensued.

Favorite pump-up song – Pipe It Up

Pregame food – pasta

One word to describe Coach Kelley – Passionate

Eduardo da Costa (Jefe)


Eduardo da Costa showing off his strength and dominance

Superstitions/pregame rituals – He does wall stands before every game

Meaning behind nickname – Jefe means “boss” in Spanish

Worst Injury – Broken heart

Favorite pump-up song – World Wide Choppers

Pregame food – Grand Buffet

One word to describe Coach Kelley – Dedicated