From the Bottom of the Stairs to Sold Out Stadiums: One Direction’s New Album


Zayn rejoins One Direction!… just kidding. But they did release a new album and they don’t need Zayn for it to be their best album yet. Featuring songs like Drag Me Down and Perfect, Made in the A.M. drifts away from their standard pop image and gives more mature, rock and roll type vibes. With every One Direction album it’s Never Enough, which is conveniently one of the featured songs on this album.

The first single released from the album, Drag Me Down, features falsetto by Harry that will have you on the floor. This song even has a music video that was filmed at the NASA Center in Houston.

This is a more fast paced song compared to the rest of the album. For instance, Harry’s masterpiece, If I Could Fly, made fellow band member, Liam Payne, cry, which demonstrates the lyrical maturity featured in the album.

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson co-wrote Perfect, an adjective that they often use to describe each other. The song itself highlights a relationship that may not be ideal, but works nonetheless.

The Deluxe version of Made in the A.M. includes Temporary Fix, Walking in the Wind, Wolves, and A.M. Temporary Fix is a racy song that sheds light on the nighttime activities of a young Hollywood man. Contrastingly, Walking in the Wind is a cute melody portraying young love. Wolves is a fun, light-hearted tune that delves into a catchy chorus. Finishing the album is A.M., which further displays their musical maturity by including tasteful cursing in the chorus.

Overall, this album exhibits Louis Tomlinson’s vocal range, which was not given the proper recognition in previous albums. Also, they wrote all of the songs, which makes the album more personal and authentic. After a really hard year, with Zayn leaving and a worldwide tour to continue, this album proves that One Direction is far from over, and we will be with them ’till the end.


Made in the A.M. Tracklist: 

1. Hey Angel

2. Drag Me Down

3. Perfect

4. Infinity

5. End of the Day

6. If I Could Fly

7. Long Way Down

8. Never Enough

9. Olivia

10. What a Feeling

11. Love You Goodbye

12. I Want to Write You a Song

13. History

14. Temporary Fix

15. Walking in the Wind

16. Wolves

17. A.M.