Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


2024 Men’s Lacrosse Spotlight

Meet the new roster!

Raptor Nation, your men’s lacrosse team is back and ready for action! With the beginning of the season there have been many changes to last year’s roster, including the addition of an enthusiastic new coach. After a 2-10 season last year, the team looks for a turnaround with a fresh roster and new teams to conquer on the field. Our own David Cosgrove managed the team last year but we have now gained an experienced new coach in Steve Shipe. Boasting an impressive resume, Shipe was an all-state goalie at Hodgson Vo-Tech High School in Delaware where he also furthered his lacrosse career playing club lacrosse at University of Delaware. He has also coached several high school teams, a club team, and coached the Women’s lacrosse team at Wilmington University. He is most excited to get back into lacrosse, saying that “I’m looking forward to being back on the field after a 5 year hiatus in order to help a good group of kids succeed and grow the already healthy lacrosse program.” He has high hopes for the season, saying that he expects to “have a better record than the previous year and qualify for the tournament.” In a brief meeting with the 2024 team captains, Coach Shipe shared his vision of a 9-4 record for this young, hungry and gritty team. With such a great history of being involved in lacrosse Shipe’s hopes are well met as the team is ready to hit the ground running. His efforts to develop the Academic Magnet lacrosse program have not only been on the boys lacrosse side. Through constant contact among all 4 coaches, the two teams have been more closely connected than ever before. Friday, February 17th, saw an organized outing of both teams compete down at The Alley. For the record, a video appeared on the raptorsboyslax instagram page, that showed Issac Chery only knocking down one pin in an entire frame. This video was intentionally taken by one of the team managers to damage his bowling reputation. If you would like to see a video that more accurately reflects the events that transpired on said day, feel free to ask Isaac to see the video of him bowling.

I want Lucy Beckham in the opening round of playoffs, I know we can win” -Isaac Chery, II

This year’s schedule hosts a number of competitive and skillful teams that will pose a serious challenge to hunt for a spot in the South Carolina 4A-1A State Playoffs. We highly recommend attending as many games as possible this season (both boys and girls) to support the Raptors Lacrosse program in their aims of successful seasons.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Game 1: versus Bishop England High School, Friday, February 23th at 7pm, taking place at Bishop England High School
  • Game 2: versus Philip Simmons High School, Monday, February 26th at 6pm, taking place at CCSD District 4 Stadium
  • Game 3: versus North Myrtle Beach High School, Saturday, March 2nd at 12pm, taking place at CCSD District 4 Stadium
  • Game 4: versus Porter-Gaud School, Monday, March 4th at 7pm, taking place at CCSD District 4 Stadium
  • Game 5: versus James Island Charter High School, Tuesday, March 5th at 7pm, taking place at CCSD District 4 Stadium
  • Game 6: versus Bluffton High School, Tuesday, March 12th at 6pm, taking place at Bluffton High School
  • Game 7: versus Philip Simmons High School, Thursday, March 21st at 7pm, taking place at Philip Simmons High School
  • Game 8: versus Effingham County High School located in Georgia, Saturday, March 23rd at 6pm, taking place at Effingham County High School
  • Game 9: versus Waccamaw High School, Thursday, March 28th at 8pm, taking place at Waccamaw High School
  • Game 10: versus Carolina Forest High School, Saturday, March 30th at 12pm, taking place at Carolina Forest High School
  • Game 11: versus James Island Charter High School, Monday, April 8th at 7pm, taking place at James Island Charter High School
  • Game 12: versus Islands High School located in Georgia, Wednesday, April 10th at 7pm, taking place at Islands High School
  • Game 13: versus Hilton Head Christian Academy, Thursday, March 11th at 7pm, taking place at CCSD District 4 Stadium (Senior Night)


This year your Academic Magnet High School Lacrosse program had immense growth this off-season, as the team garnered a large interest group, with this season being the first to have more players attend preseason practice, than the number of helmets available.  Totaling 32 players, the team is a mix of both new and returning players alike. This youthful and jubilant band of merry men aim to cause some upset within the well established hierarchy of lacrosse within the Lowcountry.

Starting off with the freshmen is Tyler Altman (Midfield) who brings a quick stick to attack. While he is new to the “Creator’s Game” that we all love, Tyler has shown quick improvement due to his outstanding desire and attention to detail. One of the strongest pickups of the off-season, Connell Grubb, younger brother of former Raptor Lacrosse legend and hero (turned villain) Mac Grubb, brings his club lacrosse experience to offensive middie and the face-off position where he has made an immediate impact, dominating in our opening game against Bishop England. The addition of Connell to the raptor lacrosse program was long awaited and highly anticipated due to the long and extensive wrestling season, as only coach Cosgrove knew of the special talent, that is Connell Grub. Peter Markov decided to pick up a long pole and add his skill to the small number of defenders on the team, where he has become a useful asset. Clifton Orvin is one of the only players on the team from SOA, contributing on attack and scoring as many goals as he can. Similar to Peter, Chisolm Palmer also joined the long poles and is bringing skill and precision to defense, with 10+ years of lacrosse experience. Fletcher Seminaroti joined attack and middies from SOA and is eager to play as soon as he can. Rounding out the last of the freshmen is Hank Houseal (Attack), younger brother of Raptor graduate and former lacrosse captain Jack Houseal, who is ready to prove he can live up to the impact Jack left on the team. Sadly, Hank will miss part of his first season due to a fractured arm sustained prior the official start of the season in live play. In order to remain connected with the team during his rehab, Hank will be participating in the announcements of all games being played at home (CCSD District 4 Stadium).

Starting off with the sophomores is Jack Childers. While this is Jack’s first year playing lacrosse he is ready to learn and score goals as a midfielder. Next is Britt Laubinger who picked up a short stick to play offensive middie and attack. Returning player Teddy Lorusso brings immense experience and has become a great asset to the team, scoring goals with agility and skill as an offensive middie while being one of the first underclassmen in the program’s history to be made a team captain. Eli Mitchell is back for another season on attack, hoping to live up to the Mitchell legacy of his older brother Cooper, who left last year’s team as one of the leading goal scorers. After the departure of star goalie Andrew Nichols last year, the team looked to Quin O’Keefe to fill this crucial role. Quin has stepped up and is already proving his worth while stopping shots in goal, despite having no prior experience at goalie and only being a sophomore. Returning player Ellison Ryan returns to the long poles and is ready to contribute to defense wherever he can with his years of lacrosse experience. Our own quarterback Campbell Stoklosa has joined the team as a defensive middie where he makes blocks and stops shots on goal wherever possible. Rounding out the sophomores is Jack Tierney, a returning player who shines at attack with his speed and agility.

Starting with the Juniors is returner Garrison Gray who will play a predominant role this season at Short Stick Defensive Midfielder, following some grand and impressive leaps in improvement during this offseason coming off his first playing lacrosse. Returning player Thomas Hershey is ready to get back on offensive middie after the end of basketball season where he ensures the offense stays sharp. Newcomer Everett Landrith has already proved himself to be a major help on offense with his quick feet and quicker shots. Emilio Roxas-Peirano aids the other offensive middies with fast passes and equally quick speed while moving across the field, while John Silveston returns to the defense with his long pole and ruthlessness to ensure no attacker gets close to goal. Jacob Somsky joined the team as a newcomer at middie but brings speed and quick passes to move the ball down the field. Rounding out the last of the juniors is John Thomasson, a returning player who contributes to offense with quick feet and quicker shots on goal.

The seniors are made up of some new players and many returning veterans. Captain Jackson Ethredge is the key to the defense, leading the long poles on the field and intimidating the opposing team with intimidating size and physicality. Fellow captain James King has substituted his long pole for a short stick as a midfielder where his ability to move the ball down the field has become essential for the team. The last captain of the team, Isaac Chery brings speed and impressive stick skills to the offense with his years of lacrosse knowledge. Wilson Burns picked up his long pole again and is back with the defense, keeping attackers away from the goal with his long reach and agility. Newcomer Tucker Engelke joins Wilson as a defender and hopes to see success despite having never played before. Similar to Tucker, Harrison Shaw plans on picking up the ball as a midfielder with hopes to score a few goals whenever possible. Returning to the defense, Ford Martin uses his size and long pole to keep shots at bay. Rounding out the last of the seniors, Nate Markin hopes to implement his speed and stick skills at attack and score as many goals as he can.

Join us for exciting lacrosse action!

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