Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.



Valentine’s day is fast approaching; find your soulmate below!

Only about two percent of high school relationships end in marriage. I am here to change that. AMHS students are looking for love, and I am at their service. Using an intensive algorithm guaranteed to find the most psychologically perfect matches, I have analyzed their Google Form responses and the results are below. If you filled out the form and haven’t recieved a match yet, don’t worry, your time is coming. I can only spread so much love at one time. Your match will be revealed in our upcoming issue, so stay tuned. If you haven’t filled out the form but after seeing how perfect these people are for each other, you don’t want to miss out, don’t fret, the form is still accepting responses. Check your email or click the link at the end of this article. I don’t want to reveal people’s phone numbers in the Talon, so you can reach your match at the email listed below the explanation of the soulmates. If you think it is weird to email someone and ask for their number, get creative and look them up on Instagram or Snapchat. I can’t do everything.


Max Schneabok (9) and Keely Yagel (9)

This first match seems almost too obvious. These two have so many shared interests, we are sure this couple is already running in the same circles. Both Keely and Max are interested in their sports and handy with a racket; Keely plays ping pong and Max is a tennis pro. Seems like a perfect date for these two would be a pickleball match: a twist on each of their personal hobbies. Both Keely and Max love rock, indie/alternative, rap/hip hop, and pop. Max is a little more inclusive with his music tastes, however, and also enjoys house, Kpop, folk, and reggae. Maybe he can expand Keely’s musical horizons. Max’s ideal date is “whatever she wants” (awww), so, pro tip: Keely’s perfect night is dinner at a fancy restaurant then snuggling and watching a movie. Cats would also be a bonus to her.


Jonah Elliot (10) and Amaris Wint (10)

These bibliophiles are a match made in the mountains (both of their preferred vacation locations). Jonah’s perfect date entails him making dinner and then reading together after. Amaris is an avid baker, so hopefully he wouldn’t mind her contributing by making dessert! Amaris prefers picnic dinners, but perhaps they can wrap up their food to-go. Amaris is an avid musician, boasting the ability to play the piano, the guitar, the bass guitar, the double bass, and cello. Luckily, the pair seem to be “in tune” when it comes to their music tastes, sharing a love of rock and indie/alternative music. If you’re not convinced that these two are written in the stars, their mutual support of the Atlanta Braves ought to nail even the firmest skeptic of soulmates.


Sofia Gillum (11) and Garrison Gray (11)

These two were an obvious pair due to their mutual interest in an uncommon hobby: bird watching. They can bond over this love while either mini golfing or hiking and camping in the mountains. They have a shared passion for reggae music, which could be blasted in the background of either of these adventures. Sophia also suggests that Raining Blood by Slayer be added to this soundtrack. On a second date, they could watch either of Garrison’s favorite movies, Ted or Forrest Gump. Sofia claims that she is not that adventurous, so maybe Garrison’s dark past of two mullets is just what she needs to spice up her life. She also enjoys cutting other people’s hair, so perhaps later down the road she could give him a third one.


Holly Manning (12) and Emilio Roxas-Perano (11)

These two are hard to beat (both romantically and in lacrosse). These lax-lovers are meant to be, both due to their passion for pop music and love of movies and TV. Emilio once watched Attack on Titan in three days! If Holly still isn’t interested, she should keep in mind that Emilio’s dad is third in command at Thorne Supplements. As a health-conscious girl, I know the prospect of unlimited vitamins sounds tempting. His dream date is “just spoiling a girl,” and as one of Holly’s favorite activities is shopping, their interests seem more than compatible.


Colin George (12) and Marina Barnes (12)

This musical duo has so many bonding opportunities at their fingertips. Both play guitar and could collaborate on a song, perhaps with lyrics from Colin’s upcoming poetry collection. Their shared love of country, indie/alternative, and rap/hip hop music would make for a very unique album. Combining Marina’s favorite song, “Didn’t cha know” by Erykah Badu and Colin’s favorite song, “Carlo’s song” by Noah Kahan is sure to result in a sick mix. Marina loves to surf, and as both of their ideal vacay spots are the beach, she could teach him how on a romantic oceanic date. For a cozy night in, they could curl up for Breaking Bad or, arguably the greatest Christmas movie of all time, Love Actually. Don’t worry about it no longer being Christmas-time, that movie spans all seasons.


Cliffie Manuel (12) and Abram Shuler (12)

This sporty pair is sure to support each other through tennis matches (and hopefully Abram will show up to cheer her on at soccer and basketball as well). Abram takes great pride in his music taste, so beware wearing a cute band t-shirt in his presence; he will definitely ask you to name five songs. Thankfully, Cliffie’s music taste is very diverse, boasting a love of country, rock, indie/alternative, house/EDM, pop, folk, and reggae. As long as Abram likes “Yellow Eyes” by Rayland Baxter and Cliffie will listen to “Three More Days” by the Turnpike Troubadours, I am sure they will get along. Cliffie is flexible when it comes to movies, meaning Abram could show her his favorites during his ideal date, which he says would be snuggling and watching The Princess Bride or Casablanca. While Abram is worried about the viability of a relationship distance-wise with him going to an in-state college, perhaps they could just see where this friendship goes before she departs for Washington and Lee in the fall.


Isabella All (9) and Whitney Limbert (10)

This pair loves the mountains, the perfect place for Isabella’s ideal stargazing date. Isabella has a lot of favorite movies, so hopefully some of them are in common with Whitney’s top two: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Last Night in Soho. They have countless compatible activities, from watching sports (despite her passion for sports, Isabella doesn’t have a favorite team, so there is no confliction with Whitney’s beloved Browns), to listening to pop music (Isabella recommends “Riptide” by Connor Price and Whitney recommends “Marvelous” by Wallows), to spending quiet time together while Whitney reads and Isabella plays video games. If they were feeling adventurous, they could embark on Whitney’s dream date: getting ready together and going to a fancy dinner then coming home after to watch a movie. Over dinner, they could discuss Isabella’s involvement in robotics and her career in childcare, or Whitney’s passion for ballet and future plans to be an OBGYN. If Isabella has any say in it, the post-date movie will include their pets.


Izzy Robinson (10) and Ellison Ryan (10)

We are sure this duo must have spotted each other already across the field, but an iconic cheerleader/football player pairing was just too perfect to pass up! A self-proclaimed feminist, Ellison will be respectful and chivalrous on Izzy’s ideal date: her favorite dinner and a movie. Izzy loves to bake, so I’m sure she will offer to bake dessert! She didn’t disclose what that favorite dinner is, but perhaps that could be a topic for these lovebirds to tackle while taking a stroll on the beach or a hike in the mountains. But be careful, Ellison, she’s been a vegetarian since sixth grade, so plan the date menu accordingly.


Wow. Who knew we had so many soulmates wandering our halls? Thankfully, these pairs won’t have to live apart any longer. Click the link below and look out for our next issue to find your own perfect match.

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