Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


What Juniors and Sophomores are Asking for the Holidays

Could your favorite gift be on this list??

Yay, gifts! Who doesn’t love a good present? While many have wrapped up their most wanted lists for the holidays, I am left wondering, what are the high-ticketed items this year? Fear no more I have reached out to the middle child of Academic Magnet High School, the Sophomores and Juniors! These two grades I believe deserve to be in the spotlight, I have a feeling they will have some pretty good present ideas. Also, I asked the juniors and sophomores submit pictures, but many decided not to so I had to do some digging on my own. 

First up we have my favorite sophomore, Madeline Moye!! She says she wants an iPad Max with a pencil. Having an iPad Max myself, I find it quite fun to draw on, but my dog did eat the pencil. 


Chloe Trowman said that she wants a certain D1 swimmer “because he is so fast.” Another interesting ask, but keep your hopes up!


Evie Walldorf and Olivia Smith did a dual ask, “We want high school to last forever.” Awe how kind! They said their reason was: “that way no one would ever have to leave and we could all be together forever.” I wish I could say the same. 

Rowan has quite the odd ask on this list, a hairless cat. After reading this response I will filled with wonder, where does one buy a hairless cat, how much does it cost? Fear no more, I have some information: they cost at least 1500 dollars, but they can be bought wherever. I would prefer a cat with hair but to each their own. 


Billy Baer wanted to share his biggest ask for the holidays: a new basketball. He said he wants to use it to get better at his favorite sport; hope you see it under the tree!!

Yay, another sophomore, Sophia! Sophia said she wanted a phone. I also need a phone. I realized my entire back is cracked off because I bought a cheap Target phone case. This is a great ask!

Next up is Whitney Limbert, who said Spotify Premium is her most wanted gift. When asked about her reasoning, she said, “because ads suck.” I agree, Whitney, they do. 

Now we have Molly Tombs! She also wants a phone, just like Sophia! 

Bennet Bair, when asked what he wants for Christmas, said, “the senior class president.” What an interesting ask Bennet!

Next up is Hayden, she wants Morgan Wallen Accessories, I am unsure what this means but it sounds cool.

Now we have Street Wilson! She says her most wanted gift for Christmas is for “summer to come faster.” Me too, Street! For her reason, she said, “because it’s so cold.” Don’t worry Street, this second semester will fly by, and the next thing you know you will be tanning on the beach. 

Now we have Naomi Moses. She said she wants Airpods. Apple products seem to be quite popular this year! When asked why she wanted them, she said, “I want AirPods because I don’t have any and I am still using wired earbuds :(. And I also know I am getting Spotify Premium, so AirPods would help with that!!!!”


Lane Yarbrough, another junior, said that she wants a hippo for Christmas because she thinks “they are just soooo cute.” I’m not sure how Santa could fit that through the chimney, but maybe a stuffed animal!


Next up I think is a freshman, but it will include it anyway. William Hayes Wilson (Willy for short) wants Emma Ballard Miars. I’m not sure who she is, but I wish you the best!

“I love Satorou Gojo!! I want to watch him and be next to my Goatjo doll!”

— Joey Schady

Joey Schady said he wants “a Crunchyroll subscription and a life-size satorou gojo doll.” I am personally not sure what this is but it is a very creative ask. He said he wants this because “I love Satorou Gojo!! I want to watch him and be next to my Goatjo doll!”


Finally, to end this article with a bang, Zuriel Nyamutsaka said he wants, “Cozy Tapes Vol. 3, for Carti to drop, money, happiness and success to me and all my dawgs.” This album seems to be quite exciting to Zuriel, “Cozy Tapes is melodious, heavenly, angelic sounds brought down to us from above by A$ap Mob. Carti has been tweakin’ and just posting mysterious stuff on his IG instead of dropping. Bro’s pushing 30 and acting all mysterious. Money is self-explanatory, and happiness and success to all the homies cause why not.” This will be a holiday miracle if he receives this godlike album.

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    jilla s.Jan 12, 2024 at 2:42 pm

    Aw, I wish this article had been published sooner! I would’ve taken inspiration for my own babies, but I did take note for next year 🙂