Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Can You Guess Whether a Christmas Tree Is From a Celebrity or Magnet Student?

Take this test to find out!

YAY, the holidays are approaching and as we enter the season, many look to celebrities for inspiration on their Christmas decoration. But in recent years (except the Kardashians) we have sadly seen a dip in decorations posted on social media by celebrities. Ranging from movie stars to magnet holiday fanatics many of these trees featured in this quiz will leave takers perplexed whether it seems like the average Joe or celebrity status. Does your tree beat out some of these celebrities? Can you find the truth in trees?

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Suzanna Carlsten

Yay, my tree. Did you guess this correctly, probably. In my opinion, my tree looks nothing like a celebrity tree, while I do see some similarities to Molly Ringwald’s tree, I think most can agree it looks like your tree at home. The only thing that could cause one to think this is a celebrity tree, is the high volume of ornaments. We do have tons of ornaments from my family members getting them for one another, but nothing compares to my grandmother’s trees, one takes 8 hours to place ornaments. I have attached pictures below!

This is my grandmother’s insane trees

Holly Manning

This tree has by far the most unique texture. Holly Manning, a current Senior, leaves viewers confused about whether this is a true Christmas tree. Its furry look leaves one wanting to hug its fluffy branches. This tree I think many would guess as celebrity, due to its uniqueness. When asked about her tree, Holly said, “I like fluffy trees because they look cuter”. I think we all agree on that Holly, great tree!!

“I like fluffy trees because they look cuter”

— Holly

John Legend

Next up we have John Legend!! This famous singer, known for many of his Christmas songs had a tricky tree his year. When you first look at the tree it looks pretty average, but after a glance at the base, you should be able to identify life-size ornaments. After searching for life-size ornaments I have concluded that even one of these babies cost $300. This tree is proof that Christmas trees can be tiny but mighty. Wow John this is quite the secretive tree.

Betsy Bailey

Another magnet tree is Betsy Bailey, this cutie looks mysterious in the darkened room. It reminds me of a haunted Christmas, due to its tasteful ornament decorations and darkened background. Sources also tell me Betsy has two more trees! When asked about her large collection, she said, “I just love Christmas so much, why stop with one tree”!! Wow, Betsy way to show the holiday spirit.

Keely Yagel

Next up we have another magnet student, Keely Yagel!! This by far has to be the most amazing tree. The amount of commitment surpasses and Kardashian tree. This Hello Kitty tree is not only filled with Hello Kitty ornaments but also stuffed animals on the ground and in the tree. How they fit these ornaments in the red is a mystery to me. When asked about the tree’s theme, they said, “I absolutely love Hello Kitty, Sanrio, and everything like it!”. Did you guess this tree??

Heidi Klum

Ah, next up we had Heidi Klum’s tree, or one could call it a Charlie Brown tree. While this tree looks sad and tired, like everyone at the magnet for the next two weeks at school, I think the tinniness of the tree reveals its celebrity status. Where would one find this tree, who does everyone have matching hats around it? This tree is the epitome of celebrity wealth, people are left annoyed. From Hedi Halloween to Heidi Christmas, this tree is an easy guess. 

Sutton Meyer

Sutton Meyer’s tree is a real stunner, and in my opinion, a pretty tricky guess for celebrity or magnet student status. For one the bows add a modern twist, which I haven’t seen before, and the mirror perfectly shows the glowing light of the tree. When one looks closer to the tree, the ornaments further confuse the view, because they are all delicate and pretty, I don’t see any elementary school ornaments. Also, Sutton’s taste in ornaments really shows her artful personality.

Kendall Jenner

It’s impossible not to include the queens of Christmas the Kardashians and, in this case, the Jenners. Kendall Jenner the supermodel and entrepreneur of the family stunned the readers of People magazine with this over 15-foot tall tree decorated with silver tinsel and small ornaments. While this may have been the easiest question on this quiz, it’s too good not to include. Not only does this tree leave many wondering not only how much it cost, but also how she got it into the house. 

Machaela Black

Another magnet tree!! Machaela Black showed us a perfect classic tree, from the village at its base to the tinsel, this tree did not disappoint! I personally think there are a lot of similarities to Molly Ringwald’s tree, with the matching star topper and rainbow lights. When asked about how their tree represents them, Machaela said “Family, Love, and Youth”!!

Lindsay Lohan

Wow, you probably got this one wrong, dont worry I had to do a double-take when I first saw it too. When I first think of Lindsey Lohan’s tree I expect something at least 10x better than this. This Mean Girls and Parent Trap star returned to the classic American roots when it came to this past Christmas. While the white tree with the ornaments does look quite nice, the star blends in and mismatches with the lights and the white color of the tree overall. Good try Lindsey I hope your tree is a little better this year. 

Molly Ringwald

Next up we have the queen of the 80s, Molly Ringwald, from 16 Candles to The Breakfast Club, you would expect her tree to be just as glamorous as her celebrity life. But, I’m guessing you probably got this one wrong. Her tree is a classic, in my opinion representing an American Christmas. If one looks closer at the picture, I think the only thing that gives the tree’s celebrity status is the new York Times ornament, but even that can be found on magnet student’s trees. This was the hardest guess in my opinion, so if you got this correct, great job!!







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