Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


The Clemson Tigers Claw Their Way to The Top in The Palmetto Bowl

A Play by Play of The Events That Occurred at The Infamous Palmetto Bowl Between South Carolina and Clemson
Connor Sawall
Connor Sawall After the Palmetto Bowl

Picture this: You are in the rowdy Williams Brice Stadium with Sandstorm blaring in your ears, the student section going crazy spinning their victory towels in the air, only to find out they will lose to the Clemson Tigers 16-7. What is so fascinating about the 2023 Palmetto Bowl is that the Clemson Tigers were able to score a victory although they had zero offensive touchdowns. In this article I will take you through the play by play of this most infamous rivalry game and show how Clemson was able to exit Williams Brice victorious after last year’s 31-30 loss at Death Valley.

First Quarter:

The first quarter can be noted as the most eventful quarter of the game as Clemson Safety Khalil Barnes was able to score a touchdown on a scoop in score in the span of 35 seconds into the quarter. His scoop and score placed the Tigers seven points ahead of the Gamecocks giving them an early lead in the game. Connor Sawall, an acclaimed Raptor football player says that “Khalil Barnes makes him feel some type of way,” as his defensive magic brought light to the competitive atmosphere. The next drive the Gamecocks led, Spencer Rattler threw an interception to Khalil Barnes once again to give the Clemson offense a chance to score. Clemson was not able to take advantage of the interception, and went three and out and punted the ball. South Carolina on the other hand was able to come through their drive victorious as Luke Doty was able to score a 1 yard touchdown on Fourth and One. Shortly after Doty’s touchdown, Jonathan Weitz was able to kick a career record 50 yard kick which gave the Tigers a further lead of 10-7.

Second Quarter:

The second quarter had limited scoring as both the Tigers and Gamecocks punted the ball continuously. After three drives, Jonathan Weitz secured the Tigers another three points with a 49 yard field goal pushing the Tigers to a 13-7 lead. The rest of the second quarter was disappointing as no team scored any further touchdowns or field goals on future drives.


Halftime is the best time during a close game as it gives teams an opportunity to catch their breaths and to correct any mental mistakes they may be facing on the field. Both coaches for the South Carolina teams are inspirational, strong figure heads, as Dabo Swinney has led his Tiger team to many College Football Playoffs as well as to two National Championship victories. Although Shane Beamer is still relatively new to the program he has been an inspiration to the team and has led them to multiple bowl game victories including the infamous Duke’s Mayo Bowl. Shane Beamer is also the son of a football coaching legend Frank Beamer who played and coached at another notable ACC school Virginia Tech. Also to recognize was the appearance of former President Donald Trump who used the football game as an opportunity to campaign for the upcoming South Carolina Primary Elections.

Third Quarter: 

To open up the third quarter, Clemson kicker Jonathan Weitz was able to secure Clemson another three points with a 42 yard field goal. Weitz during the Palmetto bowl had hit new career highs, and was able to consecutively make all field goals, allowing Clemson an advantageous lead of 16-7. Although the Gamecocks did not score any more into the game, they were able to make an important play in the end zone as they intercepted the ball from Cade Klubnik forcing a touchback and Gamecock ball.

Fourth Quarter:

To end this play by play on a short and sweet note, the Gamecocks and Tigers both only punted the ball in the fourth quarter, making it a Clemson Tiger victory as the Palmetto Bowl was returned back to Death Valley.

Rivalry week is the best week of college football in my opinion as the sheer hate and disgust towards rivals makes for interesting games and experiences. Other big rivalry games with big losses included Ohio State to Michigan, removing the Buckeyes temporarily from the playoff, as well as Alabama’s last minute win over Auburn, when it seemed a touchdown miracle was needed for Alabama’s offense to secure the title in the Iron Bowl. Although the Clemson Tigers were victorious this year, there is still uncertainty for next year, as the Gamecocks will surely want to win the trophy back. Cheers to another season of college football and I look forward to either watching, or being present at the Palmetto Bowl next year.

Go Tigers!!! (In an unbiased way)


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