Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


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Have you played the new season yet?

-November 3rd, 2023

Possibly the most influential day the world has seen this year. Some may know what I am talking about, but for those who don’t know, Fortnite became OG once again. People all across the world loaded up their gaming devices to relive some of the best years of their lives. For many, it had been years since the last time that they had played the game, people had just moved on. Everyone just kind of grew up, some people started going to the gym, some started communicating with girls, and some even went outside. But why did this happen, and why is it now that all of these epic gamers are returning?

Fortnite is a game that is constantly updating, changing weapons in the game, map destinations, and themes for the season. At the start of the game’s epic reign, it had millions around the world participating in the hit new battle royal game. In fact, the game drew so much attention that Epic Games, the game’s own creator, was able to put on a very successful World Cup event. All this to say, only years later, many of the formerly enchanted epic gamers would lose their interest in the game that once stood atop the electronic world. 

Eventually, as many games do, it lost its once loyal and non-grass-touching fanbase when it fell from the height it once reached. There are many different theories that can possibly explain why, but the overwhelming majority say that the game’s subtle shift from the OG or original map, guns, and storyline are the reason for this. Ironically, this was one of the reasons that the game was so well received in the first place, but when guns like the pump shotgun and bolt-action sniper were removed from the game and replaced with new, never-seen-before items, Fortnite lost part of its nostalgic aura. After interviewing students around campus, I began to realize that this mindset was echoed. One student, who prefers to go by JoseGonzalez1543 (Gamertag) says that “As an OG I want to take our map back from the sweats.” Jose added, “The new umbrella is kinda mid, but I already have like 10 wins.” 

Chloe and Suzanna Carlsten, also known by the gamertag Crock110, are avid gamers but say that “their stepbrothers have commandeered their PS4 and they now have limited playing time.” However, they add that “during the pandemic we were quite the sweats, playing on our phones and TVs, and purchasing skins.” As for the new season they say “We have gotten one epic Victory Royale and are glad the new map is back.” Although this new change has had a large reception of positive feedback, some still say it is not enough. Many wonder how sustainable it is, and what the plan is for Epic Games next. With this reemerged love of the game for many, Epic Games will have a tough decision on their hands. After the next couple of weeks pass us by, the OG Fortnite seasons will go with them. But what can Fortnite’s most epic gamers expect moving forward? Well, Billy Bear, the self-proclaimed best epic gamer in the school, only losing in a 1v1 battle against the previously mentioned JoseGonzalez1543, sees a new way forward for the game.

Billy has been an avid gamer for a long time and he says “This new season has lowkey been fire, hoping on with the gang and carrying to a dope Vic-Roy Ferda has been hype.” Billy also adds “being so fire with my aim and builds just helps transfer over in all aspects of my life.” Max Peters, junior, has also played the new season and has been having a great time. Max says “The old guns in the game add a sense of nostalgia that has been missing in my life for so long.” Max also made sure to inform me of his favorite skin in the game, the Black Lynx. Max says that when he uses that skin “the game just moves so much faster, I get more kills, I jump higher, able to loot faster and better and ultimately win more games. Maybe it is the camouflage aspect to it, I don’t know, but I have the best time using the Black Lynx.”

Fortnite Mobile specialist AlmightyGoat69, also known by his government name Wyatt Mahoney implores Epic for more change saying “I really just wish they would bring back Fortnite mobile, that’s all I want.” Mahoney says that if and “when I see the day that Fortnite Mobile is back, I will be using my own Fortnite gliders to full effect. (Gliders pictured below)

In the coming weeks, the map and guns will continue to switch based on the old season they are mimicking. This week is season 6, next week will be 7, and so on and so forth. However, this is all we know about this new change to the game, as said before we don’t know what is to come after. For  JoseGonzalez1543, he does not want to see it end saying “I remember the long days, sitting in my room, grinding on Fort, just trying to get that one win, mom was downstairs making me Pizza-Bites, I was upstairs going to work. Now that I have a taste of this, I don’t want to see it go away.” For many, it is not about getting the wins or the most kills, it is just about having fun with your friends. Ian Smith says “my favorite part of the game is hitting those fire dances, like Orange Justice, Hype, and the classic Default Dance.” Billy Bear also says “I mess with the emotes too, especially Hype because it just like makes me feel a special way, kinda hype I guess.”

Many others whom I interviewed echoed the same sentiments above such as the great times shared with their friends gaming, long stretches of winless games just trying to get one win and call it a day. Today, Fortnite has climbed back to its peak, and whether or not it is here to stay will be determined down the line, but for now, it is time to enjoy this flash from the past!


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