Who Is John Pork?

The life of John Pork

Maybe you’ve heard of him. Maybe you’ve seen him while mindlessly scrolling on Tik Tok or Instagram Reels. But he is the infamous “John Pork”, a computer-generated (AI): half-human, half-pig. He first appeared uploading on the Instagram handle @john.pork, and since has broken the internet. A virtual influencer, he has actually been on Instagram since 2018 but is just now getting the recognition he deserves. This is all you need to know about John Pork.

“Why is John Pork calling me?”, a question that a few of you might have asked yourselves before. I know most of you probably decline, but you should probably start answering. John Pork NEEDS OUR HELP!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, John Pork has been WRONGLY CONVICTED of the murder of Steve Beef in Downtown Atlanta. He has one call from jail and is calling YOU! So you better answer! Here is a link to that story:

John Pork Arrest Story

Along with stories about his arrest, there is propaganda put up all over the Internet about John Pork’s death. This is merely because they want to end all hope in John Pork. The government feels threatened by Mr. Pork’s influence on today’s population. It is complete falsity, do not listen. As long as we are alive, there is hope. John Pork is alive, and the government wants to kill our liking of this AI experiment. Help us bring back the John Pork we know and love!

Now that I have informed you of the background of what John Pork is currently enduring, I will provide you all with some lovable facts about him. First, John Pork is originally from Palermo, Italy, but is currently living in London. He loves to travel and bringing his fans along with him via social media. Additionally, John Pork is a fashion model and big steppa. He continuously stunts. Along with all of this, he is a DJ (DJP) and drops heat. He is one of the most consistent in the game. Pork is heavily influenced and inspired by Young Dolph (RIP), who unfortunately passed in 2021.

John Pork’s origin and identity are unknown. There was a theory that John Pork was actually the real-life Technoblade, a popular Youtuber. However, there is no specific evidence for this theory. He could have been made in a lab or by another AI. But, his specific origin is not confirmed.

Of course, as any influencer has, John Pork has his haters. For example, Robin Adams says,

“The John Pork meme died out so long ago”

— Robin Adams

(Typical JP Hater). Where’s the evidence, Robin? However, our love for him will always overcome this type of HATE!!! Robin, what color’s your Bugatti? John Pork and his fanbase are evolving at unprecedented rates and soon will be unstoppable.

Links to John Pork’s socials:


Tik Tok



“Bring it on home John P”

— Nayna Ayaz

Overall, the pig-head man-body has broken the Internet, and it is now our job to help Mr. Pork out. Do not forget to answer when he is calling! #prayforpork