Annie Andrews Announces New PAC

“Their future. Our Vote.”

Local pediatrician, mother, and Democrat Annie Andrews announced that her efforts will be focused on a new PAC (Political Action Committee) moving forward. Dr. Andrews ran against Nancy Mace in the 2022 elections to represent SC-01, however she did not win the seat. Now, she is working for something that is incredibly important to her: children.

As mass shootings happen nearly every day now, many gun-reform minded Democrats are taking their stand. Notably, recently reinstated Tennessee representative Justin Jones attempted to carry an infant-sized casket onto the Tennessee House floor to highlight the gravity of the problem. According to ABC News, there have been 136 mass shootings in 2023 thus far—more shootings than days— with at least 30 having already happened in April. People from all walks of life and all demographics are being impacted by the gun problem in America, and Annie Andrews has decided to take her stand.

A powerful statement. Courtesy of PBS (AFP via Getty Images)

Her PAC is called “Their Future. Our Vote.” and aims to raise money to elect gun-reform minded politicians. The PAC also promotes candidates who want to fight climate change and battle childhood hunger/poverty. A goal of $5 million dollars was set, but Andrews hopes to raise more and potentially double that number. She has promised the remaining funds from her 2022 campaign, in which she raised over $2 million dollars, to the effort.

As a mother of 3 and a pediatrician, children are important to her. Although she did not win her election, Dr. Andrews is using what she learned from her congressional race to make an impact in the Capitol. American youth cannot vote, but are impacted every day by policies made by geriatric representatives. “Their Future” attempts not only to enact policy, but to contribute to awareness and advocacy surrounding the issues that impact the wellbeing of children in this country.

Although Andrews claims that the PAC is non-partisan, many of the issues that it prioritizes hold quite divided positions between party lines. With 2024 elections approaching, it will be interesting to see—as the problem of gun violence continues to worsen— how Democrats and Republicans decide to act. Andrews envisions children as something that can bring both sides together to work for a safe future, however given the common Republican stance on issues like gun-violence, climate change, and quality education, this may be wishful thinking.

In an interview with the Post & Courier, Dr. Andrews confirmed that she will not run for Congress again in the next election. This PAC, however, will be her next step in continuing the fight for the futures of youth in America and she said that will step down from her position at MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) to focus on her political work. Her healthcare and political work will continue a she works as a professor of clinical pediatrics at George Washington University in our nation’s capital.

Some notable support the organization has received comes from the leader of Moms Demand Action, Californian Democrat Eric Swalwell, as well as South Carolinian and former senatorial candidate Jaime Harrison.

It will be interesting to see the future of our local politician Dr. Annie Andrews, and how her efforts impact our legislation and our lives.