Summer Job Ideas

How to spend your summer!

With the summer approaching, a good and productive way to spend your free time is working. Being in a work environment is great for character development, and jobs look great on applications (college, work applications, scholarships, etc.) Not to mention having your own money is a good feeling. So, for those of you looking for a job, this is the place to be.

The first option for jobs is a classic – food and bev. Most of everyone at Academic Magnet is underage, so serving is not an option yet. However, almost every restaurant, especially in the summer, is looking for hostesses and bussers. These are both great starting jobs, and you get the experience of working with others in high-stress situations. Not to mention, both are pretty easy to figure out and not necessarily tedious. Starting salary for a hostess usually ranges anywhere from $10-$15 an hour. Bussers’ salaries are much smaller than this, but they are included in the tip pool, so they usually make around a hostess’s salary (sometimes a little more). My first two real jobs were hosting jobs, and I definitely recommend them. Even apart from the work experience, it is easy to make friends and come out with some good stories.

Next, a classic summer job – the lifeguard. Now, it is very easy to find a lifeguarding job in Charleston, considering we are on the water. Whether it is the beach or a public or private pool, lifeguarding seems like a very fun job. Being in the sun all day does not sound bad to me. I am not completely sure about the requirements for lifeguarding, and they probably range from place to place, but I do know you have to pass a swim test and know how to do CPR (there are probably more requirements as well). It takes a little bit more effort to be hired as a lifeguard, but I think it is worth it. The average lifeguarding salary is $10-$20 an hour, so keep this in mind.

The third job I will mention is specific to summer, so it will be in high demand (and most likely pay pretty well). A job as a camp counselor will surely be very interesting. If you love children, this is the job for you. Even if not, being a camp counselor would be pretty fun – you get to do all the activities as the kids and go on trips. You could even do it with a friend! Now, I understand this is not for everyone, but I do believe it pays well. The average US camp counselor’s salary is $17 an hour. If you were interested in sleep-away camps, usually your lodging and food are provided to you, and you get to meet great people.

Some other possible summer jobs include nannying/babysitting, interning, bar-cart manager (18+), retail, hospitality/tourism, and carwashing. Overall, summer jobs are soon to be in high demand and are a great way to spend your summer. A boredom curer and money-maker is not a bad option at all.