Potential 2023 Prom Dresses

Prom 2023 is approaching us, leading to lots of stress about it all; dates, plans, party buses, and most importantly: dresses. I am here to relieve a bit of this anxiety and provide you all with a few dresses that I personally think are gorgeous. The prices range a bit, some more expensive than others. I have linked every dress on its picture! Disclaimer: This article is filled with my personal opinion, and not everyone will agree. Just be aware. If you don’t love these, there’s always something for everyone!

x Revolve Sadie Gown

I love black dresses. I mean LOVE. So much I had to force myself this year not to get a black dress. You can never go wrong with a black dress and pretty detailing; they look good on everyone. I like this dress because it is somewhat simple, but the detailing on the torso adds just the right amount of character. The straps are gorgeous, and the neckline is flattering on everyone. This dress is sleek, and I think the hair, makeup, accessories, and shoes need to complement this rather than contradict it. For jewelry, gold or silver are both fine (I think gold would be better, but I understand if you are a silver girl); keep it dainty. For makeup, stick to brown-toned eyeshadows and maybe black eyeliner. I would say no bright lipstick (just my opinion).

Esmerelda Gown

Another black dress I know. Also, yes, I see the price. I know it is a lot. But, a dress like this is an investment, and I’m sure you will find usage out of it other than prom. Simple black dresses are a staple piece and great to have in your wardrobe. A trend I have noticed this year, both for semi and prom dresses, is the strapless dress. Another trend I’ve noticed is frills/layers. This dress checks both of these boxes, but I still get a timeless feel from it.



Amalia Silk Gown

This dress is very similar to the last one but $20 cheaper. I thought I would just add this in case you wanted a little bit of a cheaper option. The material is different, and this one is satin, so keep that in mind.



Gytha Maxi Dress

OK this is the last black dress on here I swear. Maybe a little on the plainer side, but this dress just looks so flattering. The neckline and straps with the small cutout are gorgeous. The layering on the bottom also makes it more fun and trendy. The good thing about black dresses too is that you can use any time of color scheme with shoes, jewelry, makeup, etc.


Your Warmth Maxi Dress

When it comes to prom dresses, I do think you have to be careful with satin. Most of it is fake and looks visibly cheap; however, this seems to be good material and also on the more flattering side. The top of this dress is a trend this year, and while I think it will go out of style eventually, I love it right now, and I think this is a beautiful formal dress. The color is also original and you don’t see as many blues in this shade as you do in a baby blue or royal blue. It reminds me very much of a mermaid. I think this dress works with gold or silver jewelry, whichever you prefer, and nude or silver shoes would look great.



Cecelia Dress

Everyone looks good in red – this is a perfect dress if you want a color statement. The ruffles are stunning, and I think this is a timeless dress (no looking back and saying no way I wore that to prom). The accessories I think should be on the calmer side; you really should not take away from the dress. This is the original, but you can find literally five cheaper dupes if you look up “red ruffle maxi dress”.


Diana Dress

Another color pop – I think this dress is adorable. The material is on the lighter side, and it is bound to be comfortable. Preppier, the print is gorgeous and fun. You will definitely stand out (that’s a good thing). White heels are perfect with this dress. Also I feel like you could get multiple wears out of this dress, whether it is a wedding, banquet, or other formal event and it looks to be a good investment.


Yellow Lace Hollow Out Maxi Dress

This dress is a beautiful color. I do believe a select few people can pull it off (me not being one of them). It reminds me of the dress in How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days (but it is not that on exactly, I do think you can find that one though). Again, I do think you have to be careful with satin, so I would read reviews and such.



Chloe Dress Lilac

This dress is unlike any I have seen this year. The color is stunning, and the material looks very comfortable. If you are looking for a flowy and girly dress, this is a great option. This dress would look amazing with white heels and I would stick to gold jewelry just because of the detailing in the middle; It looks off-white which I do not think would compliment silver well.


Nalini Printed Midi Dress

This dress is on the edgier side and will definitely be flattering (House of CB is always flattering). It technically is a midi dress, but it is a very long midi dress and definitely prom appropriate. I think it would be good with any type of dark heel or even nude; steer clear from any bright whites or bright accessories. I also think this would be a good dress to put your hair up if you so desire.


Gianni Bini


This dress is very trendy; the layered frills as well as the style of the top of the dress. In the photo, it also looks a little bit shiny. The color compliments the style very well and does not take away from it.





April 29th will come faster than we all know it. Can’t wait to see everyone there!