What are Academic Magnet’s New Year’s Resolutions?

Taking a look at some of the new years resolutions created by Magnet students


Each year at the start of January people make new year’s resolutions in order to improve themselves for the upcoming year. At first glance, this seems to be a reasonably beneficial habit, but how often are these resolutions put into practice for most of the year? Do they actually end up making a difference? It is hard to tell. Regardless, today we will be looking at some of Academic Magnet’s new year’s resolutions, and determine if they are practical or not. 

Starting off our new year’s resolutions we have senior Mary Blake Hand who wants to be focused when she drives. This seems like a pretty good new years resolution considering a lot of high school students get into car accidents each year, also this is a fairly unique resolution. Willa Jones wants to spend less money this year in order to save up some money before college. This resolution is something that can definitely be achieved, and as a senior myself it would be good to build up some money before going off to college. Next, Turner Orvin wants to wake up before school to work out. This, in my opinion, is a fairly difficult resolution because it would involve a lot of discipline: finishing all your homework early so you can go to bed early and then wake up early in the morning. I myself am not a morning person, so it would not even be feasible for me to try a resolution such as this, but if you think you are able to I certainly believe this is a great resolution. Ella Chapman wants her new year’s resolution to be to stop arriving at school at 8:31. Now this is a resolution that I can relate to. I am not sure what it is but I can never manage to get to school early, and I consistently arrive at school at 8:30 and walk into class as the announcements are going on. Good resolution Ella! Freshman Sean Bacon is the first student who said that they do not make new year’s resolutions because he says that even when he makes them he does not follow them. Discipline can definitely be an issue when it comes to new years resolutions. Sophomore John Thommason wants to get healthier and run a 10k, which is a great new years resolution! I recommend running the bridge run if you are looking for a 10k race to run. I used to run the race each year but I do not really have time anymore. Improving personal health is always a good resolution to aim for. Isabella Costa’s new year’s resolution is to eat more sweet potatoes. Now, this is most definitely a unique resolution, I do not think I have ever heard of this resolution before, but if this is something that you want to achieve in the new year, by all means, Isabella.


 Junior Campbell Lesher says “Whenever I do work, I will set a time limit that I have to complete it during, as Parkinson’s Law dictates that work expands to fill the time available, so by setting an amount of time, one can control the actual amount of work they have to do.” I have never heard of Parkinson’s Law before, but that seems like a valid resolution. Freshman Madalynn Howe wants to get better grades in 2023, a resolution that I think a lot of Magnet students probably have. Sam Galloway wants to get to Grand Champion I in Rocket League. Saiana says “I feel like new year’s resolutions can kinda hang above your head and if you don’t do them it can make you feel bad about it so if I were to have a resolution it would be something simple and broad like improving in school.” This is definitely true Saiana, and I would say the best way to avoid this would be to give yourself a smaller goal instead of some huge resolution that will be very difficult for you to achieve. If you try to aim for some lofty resolution, it will be hanging over you the whole year and you may feel as if you did not have a good year because you did not achieve your goals. Conor Sawall wants to improve his relationship with his family and God. This is a great resolution. Freshman Francisco Hamilton wants to stop procrastinating, another resolution that a lot of Magnet students will relate to, especially seniors. Stopping procrastination is probably one of the hardest things to do as a student, and I myself have definitely had some procrastination issues over the years. However, once you are able to get over procrastination, it can benefit your life greatly and will reduce a lot of stress and anxiety that school causes. Cj Geiger says that he does not really have one, but he would like for 2023 to be a good year. Morgan Fletcher and Charlie Rose have similar resolutions in that the both of them want to stay on top of their school work to help improve their grades. I am starting to see a small pattern here, but that is to be expected of Magnet students. Kyler Richardson included a whole list of things he wishes to accomplish in the new year including spending less time on video games, getting a job/source of income, setting a week out of every month to focus solely on academics, get a permit, and focus on school. Wow, that is quite a list. It might be kind of difficult to get all of that, but those are some good goals to aim for. Maria Cymbalyuk wants to spend less money because she spent too much in 2022. And finishing us off, senior Tate Brown with probably the best resolution that I have heard:

I don’t know.

— Tate Brown






Overall, I would say that these Magnet students have some pretty good resolutions. A lot of them had to do with school which is predictable considering that we go to Academic Magnet. Regardless, I hope that everyone is able to stay consistent with their resolutions and that they are able to achieve their goals in 2023.