AMHS Pet Profiles: PART 1

The Most Elite Animal Companions

AMHS Pet Profiles: PART 1

Pets. Man’s best friend. Some of the only creatures who won’t complain when Magnet students rant about our stress and burdens from constant schoolwork. Here, I will be creating some of the top pet profiles of the AMHS student body by category. Don’t forget to vote on your favorite dog at the end to determine the Best Magnet Mascot!

*Side Note: This article only contains some of the nominated dogs. The rest will be in the next part along with cats and any other animals. So please do not be upset or offended if your pet didn’t make it into this week’s edition! Part 2 coming soon 🙂


Pet Name: Sugar Britches

Pet Type: Pug

BEST Qualities: She is patient, squishy, and friendly (kinda), and she makes funny faces.

WORST Qualities: Very loud breather, not super active, bad guard dog

Special Talents: Sleeping, wearing fun costumes, photogenic, sitting on the couch, eating

Other Info: Emily loves her so much. She also just got toenail surgery.

Owner: Laura Robertson (12th)

Sugar Britches deserves to win. She is #1.

— Laura Robertson(12th)


Pet Name: Dolly

Pet Type: Chinese Crested Dog

BEST Qualities: Very cute, loves getting pet

WORST Qualities: Does not interact well with other dogs

Special Talents: She can stand on her hind legs.

Other Info: She is 17 years old!

Owner: Will and Dean McCullough (12th, 10th)


Pet Name: Toby

Pet Type: Yorkie

BEST Qualities: His tongue sticks out on the side. He likes to lie down and tuck his head between his front paws, and he’ll fall asleep and hug your arm if you hold him.

WORST Qualities: He whines when his paws get cold on the floor, so we put his sweater on.

Special Talents: He can sit sometimes.

Other Info: He’s only 6 pounds so he’s really small.

Owner: Talia Barsness (10th)


Pet Name: Tilly

Pet Type: German Short-Haired Pointer

BEST Qualities: “SWEETIE, cuddly, pretty, wags tail very fast”

WORST Qualities: none!

Special Talents: She likes to cross her legs when she sits because she’s a lady. She also likes to come up to you and put her paw on you when she wants attention. Likely to fall asleep in your lap.

Other Info: She is a purebred hunting dog (she points at birds, look this up it’s very cool). She has high energy but loves to sleep. She is a model because she is lean, good-looking, and loves to pose. She should be in a dog show. She has a gentle mouth and will not hurt you when taking food from your hand. She is a vocal woman and knows what she wants.

Owner: Emma Morrison (12th)


Pet Name: Tucker

Pet Type: German shorthaired pointer

BEST Qualities: He crosses his paws when he lays down waiting for his food.

WORST Qualities: He is scared of thunder and has separation issues 

Special Talents: He can roll over, spin, high five, paw (right and left), and hug you.

Other Info: He has a tickle spot that is on the inside of his paw and has an electronic fish toy that drives him insane with its flipping, flapping tail. And the picture below is him with his thunder jacket on.

Owner: Hannah Collins (9th)


Pet Name: Roger

Pet Type: French Bulldog

BEST Qualities: He is snuggly and eats a lot.

WORST Qualities: He snores extremely loud, farts a lot, and pouts often.

Special Talents: His talents remain a mystery, and they’re only displayed when he feels like it.

Other Info: He likes to smell everyone’s breath so u have to blow in his face or he won’t leave u alone.

Owner: Piper Hudgins (11th)


Pet Name: Mini

Pet Type: Black Mouth Cur 

BEST Qualities: She is very confident and smiley and loves to lay on her back for tummy rubs.

WORST Qualities: She always smells like fish from the marsh 😔

Special Talents: She can do a split and she can play basketball.

Other Info: She loves laying on the couch with Emily 🙂

Owner: Mary Blake Hand (12th)


Pet Name: Lila

Pet Type: Border Collie mix

BEST Qualities: Her mix of colors. How fluffy her fur is. How quiet and loyal she is. 

WORST Qualities: None…

Special Talents: All the basics (sit, lie down). She can roll over and “sit pretty”.

Other Info: She loves to greet people by doing a lick attack and stealing our shoes.

Owner: Luke Zheltov (9th)


Pet Name: Satchmo

Pet Type: Bullmastiff

BEST Qualities: He is a cutie and a lap dog, and he loves hugs 

WORST Qualities: He stinks.

Special Talents: None!

Other Info: He never barks and is super duper sweet.

Owner: Quinn Enright (10th)


Pet Name: Mclovin

Pet Type: Golden Doodle

BEST Qualities: She is very playful, cuddly, and fluffy.

WORST Qualities: She ​​always has energy.

Special Talents: Jumping over an 8ft fence…

Owner: Avery Voelkel (12th)


Pet Name: Otis

Pet Type: Yorkie

BEST Qualities: He is fat, sweet, and loves to model Christmas and Steelers sweaters.

WORST Qualities: He barks anytime he sees people touch each other.

Special Talents: Eating literally anything. He also makes his own hole to lay in at the bottom of every bean bag in our house.

Owner: Joe Dragich (12th)

Otis can’t go down the stairs so I have to pick him up. He is so chubby.

— Alec Early (12th)


Pet Name: Daltrey

Pet Type: Party Labradoodle

BEST Qualities: He is Snoopy’s doppelganger. 

WORST Qualities: He barks way too much at other dogs.

Special Talents: He makes the squeakers in his toys disappear.

Other Info: “My dad posted a review of the dog groomer with Daltrey and it got 80,000+ views so now he has notoriety!”

Owner: Natasha Keisler (11th)


Pet Name: Rosey

Pet Type: Pitbull/Retriever

BEST Qualities: She has a good smile, loves hugs, and hides in my room.

WORST Qualities: She wags her tail so hard that it becomes a weapon, she is impossible to pet, and she guilt trips me when she wants to come inside.

Special Talents: Sleeping all day.

Other Info: She is the best.

Owner: Lily and Zoe Hutson (12th, 10th)


Pet Name: Blitzen

Pet Type: Silver Lab

BEST Qualities: He is very energetic and sweet towards everybody and he loves belly rubs.

WORST Qualities: None. He is perfect.

Special Talents: He can shake your hand.

Other Info: Word on the street is that he came from the North Pole, so he knows SANTA!

Owner: Rentz Hughes (10th)


Pet Name: Finley

Pet Type: Yellow Lab

BEST Qualities: He loves to sleep, doesn’t bark, and is very friendly.

WORST Qualities: He sheds a lot and eats anything and everything.

Special Talents: He sits every time he sees a car if he’s walking on the street, and he can roll over.

Other Info: He loves to eat bananas, and he’ll do any trick if you bribe him with banana pieces. He’s afraid of stairs and blow dryers,  which is annoying but cute

Owner: Marianna Folz (12th)


Pet Name: Bennett

Pet Type: Schnauzer Dachshund Mix

BEST Qualities: Cuddly but not overbearing, walks without pulling, playful but not too energetic, fluffy

WORST Qualities: He barks loudly and sounds like a dying animal.

Special Talents: He holds hands and can stand on two legs.

Other Info: He tears apart toys quickly, but he likes to use the toys like a skateboard to slide across the floor. He wouldn’t make a good guard dog because he thinks everyone is his friend.

Owner: Zoe Rhyne (9th)


Pet Name: Buddy

Pet Type: Labrador Retriever mix

BEST Qualities: He is a great sleeper and will ditch you anytime of the day for a scoop of peanut butter. He’s always by your side, but will steal your spot on the couch when you get up, 100% of the time.

WORST Qualities: Buddy loves to lay out in the sun, making him smell like rotten tomatoes. He also loves to bark at every single thing that walks by, but it’s okay.

Special Talents: He has a very impressive internal clock that goes off every night at 8:00 because I give him dog ice cream.

Other Info: He is 10 years old and will chase a squeak ball into eternity. 

Owner: Kinsey McDaniel (10th)




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Stay tuned for PART 2 of more pet profiles in the next article, including more dogs, cats, and everything in between!