An Introduction to AMHS Student News

A tradition no one knew that they needed, but they do.

For our senior Raptors, many may have faint memory of the weekly editions of AMHS Student News, where select Magnet students would deliberate on the events of our school, week to week. Surprise! Student News is back. Run by junior student Lilly Murphy, the tradition has been revived.

The Origin of Student News:

Student News started in the fall of 2018 with members of the class of 2020. They made videos through the rest of 2018, all of 2019 and then until 2020 when they graduated (all of which are still available on the YouTube channel). After the class of 2020 graduated no one continued with Student News until some students in the class of 2024 decided to bring it back.

What Does Student News Do:

Each week they make videos about 8 minutes long on a variety of topics;Β from what’s going on around Magnet, to different events in Charleston, to Raptor opinions.

Why Watch:

The videos show you what’s going on in our school, students’ opinions, all exclusive interviews with interesting Raptors, with some comedy thrown in. Why wouldn’t you want to keep up with what is going on in our school?

Why Join:

Not only can you watch Student News, you can be a part of the production of this time-honored community. Being a part of Student News is a fun experience where you have the ability to make videos on basically whatever topic you choose and share them with your fellow Raptors!

If anyone is interested in joining they should email: for the opportunity to get involved!

If anyone has any feedback, suggestions, or comments for Student News they should email