The Revival of Sibling Spotlight

Do you have a built-in best friend? Do you share a room, your clothes, or a car with someone else? Do you walk into the kitchen for a late night snack to find someone else rummaging through the fridge? If so, you might have a sibling. To that end… I now present some infamous siblings that our school possesses.

The form that I sent out includes the following questions:

What is it like going to school together?

Do you love each other?

Do you think that you guys are alike?

And anything else you want me to include.


First up, we have THE twins, Harrison and Oliver Biddle.

Oliver and Harrison featuring their honorary sibling Ella Chapman.

Harrison stated that going to school with Oliver is not that strange. He said that it is easy to ask each other questions about homework and other school work. He said that he and Oliver only have one class together, so it is not that crazy. In response to the question of whether they love each other, he declared, “Probs we were like in the womb together and stuff.” That does seem like a good enough reason. For similarities, he said that they both get distracted easily, but that the twin similarities end there and that they are actually quite different. One additional quirk about their relationship is that Harrison says “I don’t like when Oliver shakes his wet shower hair off in the car and it gets on me.” I wouldn’t either.

Probs we were like in the womb together and stuff.


Carter and Lindsey Griffin.

Carter and Lindsey.

Carter and Lindsey are the classic senior/sophomore duo. Carter said that going to school with Lindsey is interesting because he gets to see other grades at Magnet from a new perspective which shows how much better our senior class is than any other. He said that they love each other “very much” and that he does not think that they are alike. Surprising to receive honesty from Carter… To sum up their relationship, Carter said that “The best thing about having a sibling is carpooling with Lindsey because her sleeping in the back seat is a part of car rides that I would never give up. The downside is when she wakes up, she makes us late to first block every day.”




Julia and Lucas Reed.

Julia and Lucas.

Julia and Lucas are definitely lesser known sibs at our schools. Based on Julia’s responses, no wonder we don’t see them interacting in the hallways… Julia said that going to school with Lucas is “bad.” To answer whether they love each other, Julia simply said “no.” She does not think that they are alike either. On the other hand, she said that he recently tore his ACL and that he has crutches so she has to drive him to school and he hates it. Thanks for being real Julia.




Sarah, Hank, and Billy Baer.

Sarah, Hank, and Billy.

Sarah, Hank and Billy have been going to school together since elementary school, you could say this group is a package deal. Sarah said that going to school with her brothers “is pretty good because transportation and going to school events is made easier. We don’t really see each other much during the day. We can all help each other with homework and studying because we usually have taken the same classes.” When asked whether they love each other Sarah said “I guess we love each other but they can be annoying.” In reference to whether she thinks they are all alike, she said, “Yes I think we are alike; we have a lot of the same interests and are really close. Although, their style and personality can be very questionable at times.”



Willa and Maris Jones.

Willa and Maris.

Willa and Maris are adorable. Outwardly, I view them as ideal siblings, talking to each other at school without yelling, chatting at lunch, and running clubs together. When asked how it is going to school together, Willa said, “Most of the time it’s fun. We like to hang out in the halls sometimes and listen to Taylor Swift on the way to school. One time, we were in the same geometry class with Ms. Yackey as our teacher, so basically it was the best class ever.” She said that she does think her and Maris love each other. Willa gave us an insight to their personalities by saying that “We aren’t really that similar. I am more of a social person and she is a little bit more reserved. I like to talk to anyone, she sticks to her close friends.” As an additional fun fact, Willa’s middle name is their dad’s name, and Maris’ middle name is their mom’s name.



Elliott and Blake Yarborough.

Elliott and Blake.

Elliott and Blake epitomize the classic love/hate sibling relationship. Elliott said that “Going to school together is pretty interesting because we can talk about things that are going on at school, and he gives me insight to the freshman class. I can also help him with his school work since I have already taken most of the classes that he is taking.” He was honest in admitting that unfortunately, he and Blake do love each other. In response to whether or not they are alike, Elliott said “No I think we are pretty different. Blake is very loud and in my opinion annoying while I think I am pretty quiet and reserved. Plus I think I am way smarter than Blake. However, a similarity that we have is that we both love playing soccer.” As an added perk, Elliott said that “Since he is my brother I have my own freshman that I can bully without getting in serious trouble.”




Cooper and Eli Mitchell.

Cooper and Eli.

Short to say, I think that everyone is happy to have this sibling duo at our school. Cooper said that going to school with Eli is “pretty cool when I see him in the halls and all of my friends like talking to him.” When asked if they love each other, Cooper said “Fosho,” perfect response if you ask me. He said that he “most definitely” thinks that he and Eli are alike and for a fun fact he said that “Emily Pilla tells Eli good morning every single day.” Gotta love this one.





Alec and Reece.   

Alec and Reece.

Alec and Reece are another sibling pair who have been going to school together for quite some time. Sometimes, a Magnet driver can even get the privilege of watching the brothers on their drive to school; Alec probably listening to RodWave, and Reece wearing AirPods (to quiet the music, or his brother?) Alec said that he “loves going to school with Reece and making fun of him in front of his friends.” He said that “of course” they love each other. He said that he does think that they are alike and in addition, “Reece is a bum.” No comment.





Suzanna and Chloe Carlsten.

?Suzanna and Chloe.

If you don’t know Suzanna and Chloe, where have you been? In response to how it is to go to school together, Suzanna said that “it’s fun, but sometimes Chloe gets on my nerves.” When asked whether the twins love each other, Suzanna said yes, because they are BFFs. She said that in terms of whether they are alike or not, she thinks that in terms of personality, they are similar, but in terms of looks, they are not. Finally, she said that Chloe’s nickname is “Cookie.”




Zoe and I.

Zoe and Lily Hutson.

I felt it was only appropriate to include my sister and I, however, to be fair, I let her answer the questions. When asked how it is going to school together, Zoe said “it can be fun, I love bothering her at lunch and embarrassing her in the hallways. Thanks for the rides.” This is sweet I guess. I am dependable when it comes to providing a computer charger in times of need. She said that “sometimes” we love each other which I will agree, is true. In response to whether we are alike, Zoe said “everyone says that we look alike but I don’t think so. We dress very differently but have similar personalities.” Yeah. When asked if she wanted to add anything, Zoe said that her nickname for me is “Pilz” which has no explanation, it just is.