Fantastic Magnet Football Facts: Recaps of Weeks 1-3


The Academic Magnet Raptor Football Team is off t0 their best start in years, now 4-0 going into spirit week and homecoming against the Northwoods Academy Chargers. Come out to show your support on Friday, September 23 at D4 Stadium in North Charleston @7:30.


Week 1 Recap:

The Academic Magnet Raptor Football Team started the season with a win against Military Magnet Academy, beating the Eagles 14-0. This marks a major milestone for the 2022-23 season, as it is the first opening win for the Raptors since 2014, and the first shutout since 2016. The team is hopeful going into Week 2 vs Burke to continue their winning streak. 

First Half

The first quarter was slow for both the Raptors and the Eagles, ending with a score of 0-0. The Raptor defense started off strong with a 3-and-out, followed by a 26 yard punt return to set the offense up in the red zone, but they could not capitalize, turning the ball over after four downs. A similar trend continued throughout the quarter. The Raptor defense had a forced fumble and recovery, but the scoring drought continued through the first half.

Both teams remained scoreless in the second quarter as well. The Raptors were set up to score following a botched snap by the Eagles, but again they could not capitalize. The Raptor offense looked out of practice in the first half, and tensions were high for both teams to put points on the board.

Second Half

The Raptors received the kickoff to start the third quarter. The offense drove down the field, with big receptions from the Raptor receivers. Poised to score in the red zone, the offense suffered a bad call by the referees on a caught touchdown pass. The team could not move the chains, and again turned the ball over on downs. It was a tug of war between both teams until the Raptor defense came up with an interception. The game’s momentum had changed, and the offense was determined to score.

With the opening play of the fourth quarter, the Raptors ran it in to finally put points on the board. The next drive by Military Magnet resulted in another big interception for the Raptors, again setting the offense up to score. After a few plays, the Raptors scored again with a receiving touchdown from four yards out. With less than five minutes left to play, things were looking down for the Eagles, who needed to succeed on their next drive in order to stay in the game. The Raptor defense did not let up, however, coming away with a third interception to seal the win, defeating Military Magnet with a final score of 14-0.

Notable Players

Teddy Lorusso (WR/CB): 1 int

Will McCullough (SS): 1 int

Ransome Hudson (WR/CB): 1 td, 1 int, 45 yds

Tate Brown (QB): 2 td, 109 yd

Grayson Gregg: 4 forced fumbles

Carter Griffin: 46 yds

Harrison Crites: 2/2 pat


Week 2 Recap:

Following a Week 1 win vs. Military Magnet Academy, the Academic Magnet Raptors were hopeful but confident going into the first home game of the season vs. Burke High School. The Raptor offense was more efficient, and the defense made several clutch stops, defeating the Bulldogs 27-6 and starting the season 2-0.

First Half

The Bulldog offense looked capable out of the gate, driving 69 yards down the field to the redzone. However, the Raptor defense stayed strong and held the Bulldogs to a scoreless opening drive. The Raptor offense looked like a different team compared to Week 1 against Military Magnet. Their first drive saw the offense go the entirety of the field, starting at their own five yard line, to begin the game with a 19 yard receiving touchdown. Again improving on their Week 1 performance, the Raptor offense’s run game looked great, with a combination of stellar performance by both the offensive line and running backs. 

The Bulldog offense started the second quarter with another failed drive, forced to punt by the Raptor defense. After just two plays, Academic Magnet scored another receiving touchdown. Following a successful two-point conversion, the score was brought to 15-0 in the second quarter. A long Bulldog return on the subsequent kickoff was called back to the 28 yard line, and the Raptor defense once again held them to a 3-and-out. The Raptor offense again drove down the field with big run plays and pass plays alike. The team punched in a rushing touchdown, and a blocked extra point brought the score to 21-0. On the following kickoff, Academic Magnet forced and recovered a fumble, giving the offense the ball again. This time, the Burke defense held up, forcing the Raptors to punt. The Bulldog offense had a big run to set up a score, but the Raptors came up with a huge stop to close out the first half.

Second Half

The opening drive of the second half saw the Raptors driving the field, with several big catches to place the team in the red zone. However, the offense could not capitalize, and the Burke defense came up with an interception on the goal line. The Raptor defense began the second half strong, holding the Bulldogs to a punt from the 9 yard line. The Raptors took this second chance and ran with it, coming up with a 19 yard receiving touchdown. The PAT was blocked, and the Burke offense took over, determined to put points on the board.

To start the fourth quarter, Burke scored a receiving touchdown, but was not successful on their two-point conversion, bringing the score to the final 27-6. The game was nearing its end, the Raptors were held to a punt, and the Bulldogs were held to only nine plays on their last drive. When the Raptor offense got the ball in the final minutes of the game, they entered victory formation and took the win. 

Notable Players

Tate Brown (QB): 3 td, 189 yd, 1 int

Keaton Murray (RB): 1 td, 53 yd

Carter Griffin (WR): 50 yd

Ransome Hudson (WR/CB): 2 td, 62 yd

Sammy Cooper (LB): 16 tkl, 5 tfl

Campbell Stoklosa (WR): 1 td, 15 yd


Week 3 Recap:

The Academic Magnet football team is officially 3-0, defeating the Bethune-Bowman Mohawks in a 35-30 nail biter that came down to the very last play. The Raptors had trouble out of the gate, but were able to come together and overtake Bethune Bowman for the win. 

First Half:

The Mohawks received to start the game, and returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, a major vibe killer for the Raptors. A botched snap on the two point conversion try brought the score to 0-6 in the opening seconds of the game. The Raptor offense was forced to punt on their opening drive, but the defense followed up with a stop. The following drive for Academic Magnet resulted in a much needed receiving touchdown off a tipped pass and a made extra point, giving the Raptors the lead at 7-6. The Magnet defense again came up strong, giving the offense a chance to increase the lead. 

The Raptors capitalized on their next drive with another receiving touchdown, but a failed two point conversion brought the score to 13-6. Determined to close the gap, Bethune Bowman drove the length of the field and scored a rushing touchdown and two point conversion, taking back the lead at 13-14. Set to receive late in the second quarter, the Raptors scored another receiving touchdown on only the second play of the subsequent drive. The following two point conversion put the Raptors on top at 21-14 to close out the first half.

Second Half:

A botched kick to open the second half set up the Raptors with prime field position. However, the Mohawks came up with a pick six on only the third play of the drive, and a successful two point conversion brought another lead change with a score of 21-22. Following the pick six, the Raptor offense drove the field and scored another long receiving touchdown, again taking the lead at 27-22. On the opening play of the drive for Bethune Bowman, the Raptor defense forced and recovered a fumble, putting the offense back out on the field. Academic Magnet could not capitalize, setting the Mohawks up for a drive that resulted in another forced fumble and sizable return by the defense. 

With a fresh set of downs on the 20 yard line, the Raptors scored another receiving touchdown on the opening play of the fourth quarter, bringing the score to 35-22. With time running down, Bethune Bowman scored a rushing touchdown and conversion to bring the score to 35-30. A back and forth ensued, neither team able to succeed on offense for a time. In the final minutes of the game, the Raptors punted, pinning the Mohawks on the 4 yard line to begin the final drive of the game. They gained ground, and the last ditch hail mary as the final horn sounded was deflected by the Raptor defense, securing the win.

Notable Players:

Carter Griffin (WR): 3 td, 114 yd

Tate Brown (QB): 5 td, 248 yds, 2 int

Cooper Mitchell(TE/DE): 1 td, 60 yd

Jackson Ethredge (LB): 1 td, 1 caused fmb

Ransome Hudson (WR/CB): 2 2pc, 58 yd



The Raptor Football Team looks to continue its winning streak and bring their record to 5-0, the record for the best starting record in Academic Magnet Raptor Football history. The team appreciates the continued support of the Raptor birdcage, the best 12th man in the southeast. Go Raptors!