Student Council Spotlight


Student council is the institution that holds our student body together. They plan notorious AMHS events; like Spirit Week, Powder Puff, and Semi. They work tirelessly to ensure that our voices are heard, so now let’s hear them. Get to know the people you can go to with any of your high school wants and needs!

Vishwa Veeraswamy: Student Body President

-What is your favorite class you’ve ever taken at AMHS and why?

APUSH was fun last year because of Coach Rush, and I also like Calculus so far this year. My favorite class though has to be Guitar, because how are you not going to like playing guitar. 

-What is your favorite AMHS special event? 

I really like Semi and Spirit Week, but I’m very excited for Club Fair this year.

-What are you most excited for in Student Council this year?

This year—which I’m really happy for—we’re bringing a holiday tree into the Key for all of us to decorate. I’m excited for Semi too and we are also trying to plan trick or treating (at school?) Yes. It’s going to be a good year. We have a great council.

Andrew Nichols: Student Body Vice President

-What is your favorite class you’ve taken and why?

My favorite class that I have ever taken is Psychology or Guitar 2. I like psychology a lot because learning why I act the way that I act and how my brain does certain things is really cool. And I love guitar. Music is my happy place.

-Do you play any sports for AMHS?

I do play sports for AMHS. I’m a captain of the Varsity Swim Team, and if you want to know something about me, my best stroke is breast stroke. I also play lacrosse for Magnet’s varsity lacrosse team— I’m the starting goalie. That’s pretty much what I do around here.

-What is the best part about being in the Student Council?

The best part about being on Student Council is getting to work closely with Vishwa and the presidents of the other classes because I feel like in Student Council I actually get to make change and influence what happens and what events go on in school.

Lukey Sutherland: Student Body Secretary

-Who is your favorite music artist?

I don’t think I could choose just one, so my top three would have to be Kanye, Drake, and Playboi Carti.

-What has been the hardest part of being a student at AMHS? The easiest?

I’d say the hardest part is getting parking, and the easiest part is meeting new people and making friends.

-What inspired you to join the Student Council?

To me, it was the urge to make my grade and school better. Also, I wanted to win wall day and we really pulled through last year and beat all the other grades. I’d say my sophomore year was a success.

Ella Chapman: Student Body Historian

-What do you like the most about our school?

The thing that I like the most about our school is the people. Everyone here is so nice and they always have been. While the environment is drastic at times, we always have fun and have a strong sense of community. Also, our school spirit is unmatched— the Birdcage will definitely be what I miss the most after graduating. 

-Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

That’s a toughie. Hopefully I will have finished film school and am making my way towards the Oscars. If that doesn’t transpire I know I’ll be happy either way.

-What is the best part about being in the Student Council?

I’ve tried many times to join the student council, and now that it’s finally happened it’s a lot of fun to work behind the scenes and make the school more fun for everyone. Also, everyone on the student council is so nice. I love it!

Harry Ding: Student Body Treasurer

-Which part of the school do you spend most of your time in?

Probably Ms. Collins room because I have study hall there and we aren’t allowed to leave the classroom.

-What are you most excited for in Student Council this year?

We have a new person running it this year; Mrs. Zerbst. I’m excited to see what she does. Also we have every school event planned out on a calendar already for this year. It’s going to be really organized this year, unlike last year. Specifically, as treasurer I am excited to do fundraisers, especially seasonal events like selling hot chocolate during the winter. Also I want to bring more food trucks!

-What class are you taking this year that you think you will enjoy the most?

I think I’ll enjoy AP Calc because Dr. Cassidy is amazing and she’s really funny.

Lily Coulter: Senior Class President

-What has been your most memorable experience as a student at AMHS?

My most memorable experience was the second pep rally during our freshman year just before covid started when we had the exchange students from China and they did a rap. It was an awesome performance. We did a Star Wars wall for Wall Day and my R2D2 prop was stolen by some seniors, so I had to get the student body president at that time to give it back to me. (Classic.)

-What is your favorite class you’ve ever taken at AMHS and why?

It’s between APUSH, AP Music Theory, and AP Psych because I just loved the content and thought they were all interesting. AP Music Theory especially because it’s different from any other class I’ve taken here. Also they all had really great teachers. I’ve had a lot of really great teachers here.

-What are you most excited for in Student Council this year?

I think I’m most excited for our wall days and senior specific events. We already had our senior sunrise, and we are going to do parking spot painting, senior sunrise, senior spinoffs and a lot of other things that are specific to seniors and senior bonding. 

Elliot Romero: Junior Class President

-Who is your favorite teacher and why?

That’s a hard one! Ms. Lankford was my English teacher last year and she was pretty fair about grading and was a fun teacher to have. Whenever I complained about that class being boring she would change it up. I like to switch things up. Every day I take new routes to my classes because I hate the routine. I also like Mr. Grimshaw and Mr. Johnston because they play guitar.

-What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

I like to play guitar and draw. (Draw what?) Cartoons. I hate drawing realistically. Also I just got  a cat; around the time of AP testing in May which distracted me from my studying. This is my first pet, and I really like that he matches my guitar. 

-What is the best part about being in the Student Council?

I just started so I haven’t been able to do much yet. (What do you want to do?) I want to do monthly events and make school fun. I also like to be able to walk around the halls and do council work.

Zachary Butler: Sophomore Class President

-What inspired you to join the Student Council?

Freshman year it was an impulsive thing. Now this year, I want to make the year the best it possibly can be. It wasn’t that great last year because there was more we could’ve done, and I’m a competitive person so I really want to do better, especially with Wall Day.

-How has the pandemic affected your high school experience?

It definitely made it harder, especially coming in. We didn’t have much of an orientation— but luckily we had Summer Scholars. It wasn’t too bad, but it was confusing because teachers were trying to decide between online and on paper work and some people weren’t comfortable with being in school. In the end I feel like it really brought us together. 

-What is your favorite subject? Least favorite?

My favorite subject is my computer science classes, like AP CSA this year. And then my least favorite subject now would have to be Spanish (What Spanish class are you in?) Spanish 3. (Spanish 3 is like a hill you have to get over, once you’re done it’s smooth sailing) I used to like Spanish but it’s a lot harder this year.