Your Guide to Magnet’s Aquatic Raptors

An Introduction to the 2022 Academic Magnet Swim Team

As we move into September, the AMHS swim team will have just completed the first month of their 2022 season. This year, the swim team has almost 60 members, the largest it has been in years. The seniors are very excited to see what this season will bring. Caleb Anderson says he “[hopes] to leave behind an impact on the younger kids and hopefully leave knowing that the team and underclassmen are in good hands.” With 12 seniors to lead the team, we hope that we can form lasting memories of our final season.

The 2022 season brought some new changes, including the addition of SOA swimmers to our team. This summer, Governor McMaster released a statement, which allowed our Bonds-Wilson neighbors to join AMHS athletic teams. When asked about their feelings on swimming with AMHS students, junior Maggie Largent said, “It’s nice! Everyone seems really sweet.” Sophomore Tyler Nelson said that “it’s pretty fun, nothing too odd.” We are incredibly excited to welcome SOA students to take under our raptor wings. Another change this year was brought about by the SCHSL. The swimming committee decided to add more time to the State Championship consideration times. Although the state cut times remain the same, this change will allow more swimmers an opportunity to swim at the State Championship Meet in October. Senior Kennedy Mackie says that due to this change, she hopes to qualify in two events this year. Our practice location also was moved. Now that Danny Jones is under construction and LTP has been taken over by Lucy Beckham, the Raptors moved to the Hobcaw Yacht Club. This location allows us to practice without interference from other teams, work out in a 25-yard pool (Danny Jones was 50 meters long), and provides us with beautiful views of the Wando River and occasionally a massive container ship.

From left to right: Coach Healy, Sophia LeClerc, Jacob Miner, Paisley Hodges, Leo Li, Carolyn Selvidge, Kyle Hertwig, Kennedy Mackie, Caleb Anderson, Irene Liu, Andrew Nichols, Lily Hutson, Alec Early, and Coach Hainline

Although we have a very short season (only two months long!), the Raptor Swim Team has a packed schedule. We have already completed two meets, one against Porter-Gaud and Charleston Charter (the boys defeated PG and both teams were victorious over CCSMS) and one against Lucy Beckham and Oceanside. This season includes 9 regular season meets, including the Rock the Blocks Invitational at the North Charleston Aquatics Center and the Upstate Warriors Invitational in Greenville. This year our senior night is against Oceanside, where we will be honoring our 12 seniors: Caleb Anderson, Alec Early, Kyle Hertwig, Paisley Hodges, Lily Hutson, Sophia LeClerc, Leo Li, Irene Liu, Kennedy Mackie, Jacob Miner, Andrew Nichols, and Carolyn Selvidge. Please come out and support your seniors! We are very excited to have our state meet back in Columbia. For the past two years, State was held at the Aquatics Center here in North Charleston, but it had been split with girls on one day and boys on another. Now both teams will be able to cheer together! Here is our schedule if you are interested in attending a meet. Any support from our fellow Raptors means everything!

As much as I am hard on the team (especially the guys) I really do have a huge soft spot for our team. They provide me with a healthy outlet for releasing my energy every day, everyone is always laughing or smiling, and even when we’re complaining we’re complaining together. The last 4 years on this team have had a huge impact on my life, and I hope it has the same impact on others.”

— Caleb Anderson


August 20: vs. Porter-Gaud and Charleston Charter @Northbridge Terrace Pool

August 25: vs. Oceanside @Parkwest Pool

September 6: vs. Lucy Beckham @LTP Pool

September 10: Rock the Blocks Invitational @North Charleston Aquatics Center

September 14: vs. West Ashley and Bishop England @Hobcaw Yacht Club

September 20: vs. Oceanside @Hobcaw Yacht Club (Senior Night)

September 24: vs. Upstate Warriors @Middle Tyger YMCA Greenville

September 27: vs. Bishop England and Oceanside @Pierce Park Pool

October 1: vs. Northwoods Academy and Porter-Gaud @North Charleston Aquatic Center

October 8: State Finals @USC Natatorium


Being a part of the swim team is one of my favorite parts of my time at Magnet. The bond within the team is so strong, and we all know how to have a good time. From spending two hours every day practicing to going absolutely insane at meets cheering on our teammates, the Raptor swim team perfectly embodies the “work hard, play hard” mindset of Academic Magnet.

Here is the 2022 AMHS Swim Team Roster!


Marly Adbelmalek ‘26

Rachel Agudelo ‘25

Sophia Barden ‘28

Finley Bowers ‘28

Lily Burnette ‘25

Laura Dailey ‘24

Lyla Enter ‘24

Lindsay Gunn ‘25

Summer Hall ‘24

Addie Hanna ‘24

Paisley Hodges ‘23

Lily Hutson ‘23

Isa Jickling ‘26

Julia Koch ‘26

Maggie Largent ‘24

Sophia LeClerc ‘23

Kennedy Mackie ‘23

Irene Liu ‘23

Ella Moore ‘24

Julia Reed ‘25

Carolyn Selvidge ‘23

Maryn Tombs ‘24

Mery Traxler ‘27

Mia Vlahos ‘25

Jillian Vollmer ‘25

Josie Vollmer ‘25

Skylar Weiss ‘24


Caleb Anderson ‘23

Cameron Blessinger ‘26

Wilson Burns ‘24

Jack Childers ‘26

Warren Cohn ‘24

Chase Dillon ‘24

Alec Early ‘23

Simon Ford ‘28

CJ Geiger ‘26

Jason Gould ‘24

Parker Hamilton ‘26

Kyle Hertwig ‘23

Daniel Kagan ‘25

Michael Lee ‘24

Conner Li ‘25

Leo Li ‘23

Niko Mackie ‘26

Jacob Miner ‘23

Steven Moody ‘26

Tyler Nelson ‘24

Andrew Nichols ‘23

Sawyer Quertermous ‘25

Gannon Rose ‘24

Joey Schady ‘25

Harrison Shaw ‘24

Fletch Thurmond ‘26

Max Tippey ‘26

Jack Troy ‘25

Yidong Ye ‘27

Yiqing Ye ‘26

State Championships!
Go Raptors!!