Russia and Ukraine Breakdown

Will there be a World War 3?

Russia and Ukraine Breakdown

Russia has launched several devastating attacks on Ukraine, a country with 44 million people. Russia has air, land, and sea forces sounding the capital of Kyiv. President Vladimir Putin has continuously denied that he would invade this neighboring country for months. However, recently Putin tore up a peace deal the government had with Ukraine and sent military forces across the borders. This attack could jeopardize the continent’s entire security, and many claims it would lead to World War 3.

Many would ask why the United States should care about the Russian Ukraine conflict. To understand, we must go back to the Cold War. To counter Soviet aggression during the Cold War, European nations formed a security alliance NATO with the assistance of the United States (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Since then, NATO has expanded significantly. Ukraine, a former part of the Soviet republic, a neighboring country to Russia, is not a NATO member; however, NATO extended an invitation to the alliance in 2008. Nevertheless, Putin has demanded that Ukraine not join NATO as he wants to limit the amount of NATO members that border the country.

The NATO members bordering Russia have presented a concern to US officials as this potential conflict could lead to significant foreign relations problems. If Russia continues with its attack, it could further deteriorate US and Russian relations which have been on edge for several years. Russia’s main goal in invading Ukraine is to reassert itself as one of the world’s strongest nations.

On Thursday, Biden announced that he would authorize additional US forces to Germany as part of NATO’S response forces. Over 8,500 troops will be deployed later this week as the European powers stay on heightened alert. Biden has reassured us that the troops are not going to Europe to fight in Ukraine but to defend NATO allies that Russia’s attacks could threaten. Biden has also stated how the United States will protect every inch of NATO allies’ territory to the full force of American Power.

Biden has made it clear that he will not send troops to Ukraine to fight against Russia and has stressed the importance of achieving de-escalation. However, Biden has also acknowledged that if Russians and Americans begin shooting at each other, it will be the start of another world war which would be deadlier and more destructive than the last 2.

China’s leader Xi Jinping told Putin that Moscow should negotiate with the government in Kyiv, which has led to Putin sending a delegation to talk with Ukraine. China would be one of the only allies with Russia as they share similar political ideals.

As of Friday, February 25th, Russia has invaded Ukraine and established martial law. Russia’s land and airstrikes have killed at least 137 Ukrainian troops and civilians and wounded 316 others, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said late Thursday. All men aged 17-60 have been asked not to leave Ukraine and Ukraine has invited soldiers from other European nations to come and join them.

In Russia, hundreds of anti-war protesters in dozens of cities have been arrested.