Ranking Magnet Water Bottles

Who drinks with the most style?


Because the water fountains at Magnet have been turned off except for the water bottle refilling station, it is essential to bring a water bottle to school or you’re gonna be very thirsty all day. In this article, I will be ranking some water bottles that I have seen around school. I am only ranking 10 water bottles so not every single type can be featured, but I did my best to cover a wide range of types of student water bottles. To judge each drinking device, I will have three categories: colors/design, materials, and size/practicality of each bottle. Each category will be graded on a scale from 1-10, and then at the end, the best water bottle at Magnet will be crowned.

Yellow Hydro Flask

The first of many Hydro Flasks to come on this list. Is a lil beat-up and features a sticker reading “hydrated people have more fun.”

color/design: 6.5/10 – I like the bright yellow color but the smudges and dents take away from the color. Has one sticker, but the water bottle is mostly plain.

materials: 8/10 – Your classic, metal HydroFlask which always keeps your water or drink of choice chilly. Easily dented though.

size/practicality: 7/10 – The water bottle isn’t too big and holds lots of liquid. However, the bottle is clunky and makes lots of noise when dropped.

Overall Score: 21.5/30


White, Red, and Grey Hydro Flask

Another Hyrdo Flask on the list but features a cool design and is a little smaller than the first one.

color/design: 9/10 – Water bottle features a cool white color scheme with grey and red stripes across it. Some stickers would be cool but the design alone gives the bottle a 9.

materials: 8/10 – Again another metal Hydro Flask which will always keep your water cold.

size/practicality: 8/10 – A smaller size water bottle that still holds enough water. Easy to carry, but can be spilled because of the screw-off lid. The bottle also has a rubber bottom so that it’s not as clunky and stops the bottle from making the loudest noise known to man when being dropped.

Overall Score: 25/30


Grey UofSC Camelbak Water Bottle

A nice change of pace from the hydro flasks as we have our first Camelbak featured on the list. Reps the University of South Carolina and is simple and sleek.

color/design: 6.5/10 – Water bottle is nothing special as it features a plain grey see-through background with UofSC written on it.

materials: 6.5/10 – Made of plastic and is susceptible to scratches. A plastic water bottle is durable but does not hold cold or heat in so water is usually lukewarm.

size/practicality: 7.5 – Water bottle is a little on the small side but still holds a good amount of water. Bottle features a straw system which is enjoyable to drink out of. You have to be careful though and wash it often so that mold doesn’t build up!

Overall Score: 20.5/30


Classic Plastic Waterbottle

The most basic water bottle on the list. I just featured this one so I could make fun of it. Enjoy the low rating!

color/design: 2/10 –  No cool designs and the water bottle isn’t unique. Is see-through which I guess makes it a little better. Poor design though!

materials: 1/10-  Bottle made of cheap and flimsy plastic, isn’t durable and doesn’t keep water cold.

size/practicality: 1/10 – The water bottle is very small and doesn’t hold a lot of water. Isn’t reusable for long periods of time because of the plastic which isn’t healthy to drink from after a while.

Overall Score: 4/30


Yeti Water Bottle

Another new water bottle brand on this list which comes from a well-known cooler brand.

color/design: 7.5/10 – Though the water bottle has little designs, I like the slim but tall look with the metallic accents. The Magnet Football sticker also looks good with the bottle and just increases its score.

materials: 9/10 – Water bottle is made out of tough plastic with a solid metal that doesn’t scratch easily. Great materials, can’t go wrong with anything from Yeti.

size/practicality: 8.5/10 – Water bottle holds the right amount of water and isn’t big either. The tall but sleek shape makes it easy to store and easy to hold.

Overall Score: 25/30


Red and Black Nalgene Water Bottle

So far, this water bottle features the most stickers which go well with the overall colors of the bottle. Is the first for the “Nalgene” brand water bottles on the list.

color/design: 8/10- The stickers make the water bottle custom and unique and all go really well. Even though the water bottle is plain, everything flows wells and the stickers take up most of the space. The bottle also has measurements on the side which are helpful if you are conscious about your water consumption.

materials: 6.5- Just like the Camelbak water bottle, the Nalgene features tough plastic that will scratch through. And because it’s made out of plastic, it does not insulate cold water for so long.

size/practicality: 7.5 – Holds lots of water and is compact so the bottle isn’t too big. Has a nice handle to carry the bottle from. Can’t go wrong with this bottle.

Overall Score: 22/30


The Classic Metal Water Bottle Before Hydro Flasks

Probably the most worn water bottle from the list, this one has definitely gotten its use. It features a College of Charleston design and lots of missing paint.

color/design: 3/10 – While the wear and tear of this bottle give it some character, but the plain blue color scheme with dents and missing paint just isn’t aesthetically pleasing. The bottle features a cool design from the College of Charleston but the design doesn’t make the bottle look any cooler.

materials: 4/10 – Even though the bottle is made of metal, it’s cheap and thin. This is the type of bottle you receive at a summer camp. It does keep water cold but not as well as a Yeti bottle or Hydro Flask.

size/practicality: 4/10 – The water bottle is on the smaller and skinnier side as it doesn’t hold as much water as other bottles on the list. The bottle isn’t as heavy as other bottles, but that is because it lacks better materials and more water storage.

Overall Score: 11/30


(Another) Yellow Hydro Flask

What do you know, another Hydro Flask included on the list. This one features a different drinking system and some stickers.

color/design: 8/10 – The yellow color is nice and has no dents or scratches on it. Water bottle is in great condition. The stickers are placed perfectly and spaced out nicely. All around a great-looking water bottle.

materials: 9/10 – You really can’t beat the Hydro Flask materials; that’s why they are so popular. The drinking system is different from most water bottles, and the quality is great giving it a really high score.

size/practicality: 9/10 – Out of all the bottles, this one’s size is the best and the handle on the lid makes it easy to carry and transport.

Overall Score: 26/30


Large Camelbak Water Bottle

This Camelback is a little bigger than the one previously featured on the list. It has a little bit different drinking system and we will see how it ranks to some of the other Camelbaks on the list.

color/design: 6.5/10 – I’m giving the water bottle the same score as the other Camelbak because it practically has the same colorway. It features a grey/black-tinted color with a simple, white word design on the bottle.

materials: 7.5/10 – I’m giving this bottle a whole point higher for the materials because of the drinking system which I think is more quality than the previous one. It’s made of the same tough plastic which is susceptible to scratches but is

size/practicality: 8.5/10 – This water bottle gets another point higher in the size/practicality category because it holds more water, isn’t tremendously bigger, and still is easy to transport and carry. It’s definitely a step up from the other Camelbak water bottle.

Overall Score: 22.5/30


Large Silver Yeti Water Bottle

This will be the last water bottle featured on the list. It’s another Yeti bottle, but this time a different model. It features some stickers and the owner is most definitely a fisherman and Boston sports fan.

color/design: 7.5/10 – The bottle has a nice metallic silver to it and has several stickers across it. It features a couple of Boston sports teams like the Bruins and Red Sox. The silver makes it look sleep but is plain which only keeps the bottle at a 7.5.

materials: 9.5/10: Materials-wise, I think this water bottle has the best materials. The metal is high quality and the top is made of tough but comfortable plastic to drink from. You can’t go wrong with the materials on this bottle.

size/practicality: 6.5/10 – The only problem with this water bottle is its weight and its size. It’s very heavy full and can be hard to store or transport. It definitely will not be fitting in standard-sized cup holders.

Overall Score: 23.5/30


That’s it! Now onto the best water bottle from this list. Based on the categories of color/design, materials, and size/practicality, “(Another) Yellow Hydro Flask” will be crowned as the best water bottle. “(Another) Yellow Hydro Flask” earned an overall score of 26/3o which was the highest from the list making it the top choice. From the sticker choice to water bottle’s easy use, I feel it deserves to receive the highest score than other water bottles on this list. Congrats to the owner of “(Another) Yellow Hydro Flask,” you should feel good knowing your drinking out of the best water bottle of my list!