Christmas Gift Inspo

Cheap and easy gifts for your family!

  • As the holidays are right around the corner, it’s never too early to start thinking about the Christmas (or other Holiday) gifts that you need to get for those who you love the most. Especially with the backlog on international shipping, you better start ordering now so it comes in before the 25th. Here is a list of some good gift ideas if you have no idea where to start.

What to get your brother

1) Video games (NBA 2K 22, COD Vanguard, Fifa, etc.)
Who doesn’t want a new Xbox or PS4 game for Christmas? It’s a good gift for any guy who’s bored with his Xbox/PS4 and is looking for something to do over Christmas break. Every year some of the newest games come out around this time and it’s always a good surprise to receive  the newest console game under your Christmas tree.

2) A football/basketball
This is a perfect gift for anyone who is sports-oriented. You can never go wrong with your classic Nike basketball or football. I like spending my Christmas break playing a lot of basketball so a new ball is a gift I would never complain about. Plus, it’s a very money-friendly gift for anyone who isn’t looking to break the bank on their annoying sibling.

3) Stance socks
Yeah I know, who wants socks for Christmas? But sometimes socks can be fun if they have funky patterns or your favorite sports team on them. Consider getting your brother some Stance socks with one of their many patterns, colorways, team socks, or even socks with funny images on them. There are so many options to pick from which makes Stance socks so cool.

4) Fortnite T-shirt
Probably my favorite gift on the list of those for your brother. Consider getting your sibling some Fortnite drip over the holiday. Some of my favorite options would be the “Just Loot It” shirt, the “Take the L” shirt, or the “Meowskulls” Fortnite shirt.

What to get your sister

1) Diffuser
This Amazon diffuser comes with 10 essential oils, so its price of $30 is very affordable. Diffusers are a good gift for anyone that typically uses candles because they can last forever and are probably more sustainable.

2) Blanket
Blankets are always a great gift. I gifted my friend Frances O’Shea this Edward Cullen blanket for her graduation a few months ago, and there are a lot of other customizable options. Blankets are perfect for chilly winters and are good for the class of 2022 that will soon be in a freezing dorm room.

3) Sweatshirt
Anyone can use a sweatshirt and your sister or friend is no exception. This option, like the blanket, is very versatile and you can customize it to the individual receiving the gift. Some great examples I’ve heard are a sweatshirt featuring their favorite artist, college, or team.

What to get your dog

1) Toy
This one is pretty obvious. Still, there are so many options. Does your dog like tennis balls, rope, or maybe a stuffed fox? Bonus points for one of those cool toys with a plastic water bottle or squeaker inside.

2) Iced treat
The ultimate pet gift store is Hairy Winston in Mt. Pleasant Town Center. This location has everything your dog needs from bowls to collars.The best part, though, is their wide selection of treats that resemble anything from slices of pizza to candy canes. Still, I would wait to get this one a bit closer to Christmas so it doesn’t expire.

3) Sweater
My dogs have never been a fan of sweaters, but this still could be a good gift for your dog. While the Charleston winter weather doesn’t really require a sweater for warmth, they can be fashionable and get your pooch in the Christmas spirit, especially with this reindeer sweater.

**We don’t have cats so we didn’t plan gifts for them, but most of these can be adapted into gifts for them as well, just use your imagination.

What to get your mom

1) Necklace
My mom receives a necklace from me every single year, either for her birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas. The days have passed where my dad would have me pick out an expensive necklace, now I’m left to my own monetary means. That means I spend about $25 max, but you can still find a quality necklace for that price. There are so many options out there like an initial or just a cool design that will for sure be appreciated by your mom.

2) Candle
Just like a diffuser, this gift will be sure to bring some pleasant aromas into your home. My family has always had a preference toward Woodwick candles because of the many scent options and the cool crackling sounds it gives off. These candles are very affordable for their size, and if you are unsure where to start, Frasier Fir is always a good scent.

3) Purse
This one might be a bit harder to shop for because I think you need to know what your mom’staste in purses is. Obviously we aren’t asking you to buy her a Birkin, there are some cheap but quality purses sold in basically every store. If you have no idea where to start, a beach bag is always a good option for anyone living in Charleston, like this woven bag from Natural Life.  

What to get your dad

1) Golf balls/tennis balls
If your dad plays either golf or tennis consider getting him a fresh pack of balls. For anyone’s dad who is someone serious about golf, you can’t go wrong with some Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. They may seem lil pricey for just a pack of 12 golf balls but they are the best and most quality on the market and your dad will appreciate your efforts. And then if your dad is the usual tennis enthusiast go get him some tennis balls so he can enjoy pickup with the other dads at the country club. (also a funky club head cover would be a cool gift for any of the golf dads out there)

2) Griddle
If your dad loves to cook, get him a griddle. It’s the perfect gift to get your dad excited about cooking breakfast for you. He can cook bacon, pancakes, eggs, etc. all on this little fryer that makes breakfast so much easier to whip up. This is a great surprise and an all around great gift for someone who is somewhat competent with cooking.

3) Custom sports mug
All dads love coffee, well at least mine does. This Christmas season get your dad a custom mug or even just a custom cup with his favorite sports team or college on it. Who doesn’t want to drink their favorite drink out of a customized cup? Be sure to get this gift early so that you avoid the backorder of stores or customization websites before the craziness of the holidays.

I hope some of our ideas inspire you to go out and do some of your own Christmas shopping. Many of these gifts are good Christmas gifts, but can also be birthday and other holiday gifts too. Remember gifts aren’t everything and neither is money so if you ever wanna show your love for someone, making a gift never hurts as well. Good luck and happy holidays!