Check Out these Hispanic Artists in our Guitar Hall this Month

Take a gander at the guitar hallway exhibition and feast your eyes on the wonder that is the artistic perspective of Hispanic/Latinx artists

You might have noticed some of the art that Ms. Callicott put up in the guitar hallway to celebrate some significant Hispanic artists of the world and wondered who some of the artists were. If you did, or are just curious about what other works these artists have created, look no further.

To start, we have Frida Kahlo, a name pretty much everyone on this Earth should be familiar with. She is an incredibly famous Mexican painter who was born in Coyoacán in Mexico City. Her paintings drew attention to questions about Mexican society regarding race, postcolonialism, gender, and class. Frida Khalo is primarily known for her surrealist art and self portraits depicting unique feminine beauty.

“Autorretrato con collar de espinas”
“Sin esperanza”










Jean Michel Basquiat is a very famous artist in America and makes great fortunes through selling his works. He was born in New York and is the child of 2 immigrants: his mother is from Puerto Rico and his father is from Haiti. He brought attention to important social issues primarily through street art and neoexpressionism.












Pablo Picasso, a man with many talents, is one of the most well known artists in the world. A painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and theater designer, Pablo Picasso is most famous for the creation of a new art movement called Cubism. He is renowned for his use of color throughout his different emotional and artistic eras of his life.

“The Old Guitarist”
“Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”












Francisco Goya, a famous artist of Spanish descent, made quite the impact on the 18th-19th century art community. He is well known for his paintings as well as his printmakings. His works influenced many artists who came after him.

“Saturno devorando a su hijo”
“El aquelarre”

Joan Miró, another artist of Spanish descent, is known for his paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. He currently has a museum dedicated in his honor in his native city of Barcelona. His art combines the styles of abstract art and surrealism and he often visualizes his memories and dreams through his works.

“Retrat de Vincenç Nubiola”
“Carnaval de arlequín”
“Oiseau Lunaire”

Salvador Dalí is known for his amazing technique and precision in his paintings. He was born in Spain and went to school in Madrid for art. He is greatly known for the surrealism portrayed in his paintings.

“La persistència de la memòria”
“La Tentation de Saint Antoine”
“Swans Reflecting Elephants”