Reviewing Fall Sport Team Instagram Accounts

What did we say about your team?

As many sport team Instagrams have been popping up in the last few weeks, we decided to go through each Fall sport Instagram and give our unfiltered opinions on each. We also included our favorite image from each account so you can get a feel for each Instagram as you read along.

Football (@amhs_raptorsfb)
Football is arguably one of the most popular sports at our school, so we were very excited to inspect their Instagram account, run by none other than Amy Hyatt, William Hyatt’s mom. At first glance, the page is very bright and colorful with many Raptor-themed graphics. It’s also fun that the team added the newspaper cut-outs of our Raptors that received county recognition, William Hyatt, McClain Stoklosa, and Jackson Ethredge. This team’s account has the greatest number of followers of any account, coming to a total of 222. They also have a very exclusive following list, with just about 44 players being followed back. Some candids, highlights from the games, and pictures of the boys having a good time would be a great addition to their feed to really make a personal connection with viewers.

Cheerleading (@amhscheerteam)
This instagram account has been in use for quite some time, with the first post dating back to August 2017. We like that their feed has a lot of team pictures because it really shows that our cheerleaders are a strong squad. They also have some really cool videos of their members doing some stunts over the summer. We do think that they should post a bit more so that the Academic Magnet students can be more involved with their team, given that they are involved with so many other Raptor teams.

Volleyball (raptorsvolleyball)
This year, after the password to @amhsgirlsvball was lost, a new volleyball account was created by co-captain Regan Brown (one of the authors of this article). This account, after already surpassing the number of followers of the old account, is off to a great start. We like the official score recapping, as students that did not attend the games can still hear about the results. There are also some hilarious story posts that give an insight into the team’s dynamic and close bond, including a season injury reel that reminds us to laugh at our mistakes. Still, the account is for both JV and Varsity, so JV should get a little bit more representation in posts and story features.

Swimming (@raptorswim)
This account is a hoot. The swim team is shown through the eyes of the captains from the girls swim team (one of which being a creator in this article: Mia) in an unfiltered style. This account was created as a way to document the fun of swim meets and post candids of team members. The profile picture features the beloved assistant coach, Coach Kevin Cooney, rocking out in his magnet swim gear. Although this page has an abundance of fun, exciting, invigorating content, we would like to see more of a professional point of view. This account leaves us with questions: when are the meets? Which team won the meet? Did anyone place in the top 3?

Girl’s Tennis (@amhsgtennis)
The girl’s tennis team, another team that has been gaining followers left and right, has really made their mark on Instagram. With a bio reading “dominators of 3A. dm us for scouting opportunities,” all opponents should be scared. Like the swim team, the tennis team gives us an inside view into their practices, with posts showing action-shots, team pictures, and quirky fun facts. However, the tennis team is not as sweet as their surface feed would seem. Many of their captions target the volleyball team, with the hashtag #tennis>volleyball circulating. This team is obviously very competitive, but should remember that we are all representing the same school. Perhaps instead of feuding, the two teams could collaborate on some posts in the future.

Girl’s Cross Country (@amhsgirlsxc)
This account makes us feel warm. With their one aesthetically pleasing post featuring ducks in a pond, we find it comforting and longing for more content. The story highlights match this energy as well and we are excited to see more posts as the cross country season continues. Bonus points for the profile picture of the logo of our school running, very cute.

Boy’s Cross Country (@raptor_running)
This Instagram is very intriguing. With only 21 followers, this private account leaves us wanting more. What is hiding behind this profile? What secrets lie beneath? Major points for the secrecy.

These profiles are truly a feat of magnet and our sports teams. While our teams may not always have the best winning records, these accounts show that our teams still have a great time and are up to date on modern technologies. While we have presented our own opinions about each account, we encourage you to check them out for yourself, and give them all a follow to show your support. Check back in the winter and spring seasons to see our reviews of other Magnet sport Instagram accounts.

P.S. This is a visual of us judging the Instagrams.