Cookie Monster: Mascot of the Senior Lounge

No Cookie Monsters were hurt during the making of this article. Well, not permanently, anyway.

If you’ve been at Magnet in-person this year, you’ve likely at some point seen or visited the senior lounge. Despite COVID restrictions and limited visits during class, the lounge remains a popular place for students to sit (socially-distanced, of course). If you’ve visited the lounge, chances are you’ve seen its iconic, inofficial mascot: Ms. Hurt’s two-foot stuffed Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster is a legend among men. He simply vibes, no matter what situation you put him in. Wrap him in a t-shirt? He vibes. Hide him in the coffin so Ms. Hurt won’t steal him back? He vibes.


Cosplaying Cal


Cosplaying Cal

Cookie Monster’s friend Cal often wears a bright hoodie and plays on his switch.

Today, Cookie Monster decided to dress up like his favorite senior buddy. What a clever lil dude.






Kicking intellectual butt at chess

Playing Chess

Something you may not know about Cookie Monster is that he’s actually very intellectual. He is the mascot of Academic Magnet’s lounge, the former #1 lounge in the nation.

Cookie Monster is very smart. He actually has a degree from Harvard. And unless you’re a literal genius or Beth Harmon from The Queen’s Gambit, he can probably beat you at chess.





Getting punted into the sun by Ms. Lankford

Feeling the Wrath of Ms. Lankford

(Ms. Hurt, I apologize in advance for this one. Technically it wasn’t us. Although we did corner Ms. Lankford and ask her to dropkick him.)

Anyway, this is a reminder for you guys to respect Ms. Lankford and not bully her into letting you do quizzes as a group. She’s super cool and deserves respect. Also, she could punt you into the stratosphere.

One… two… three… violence!”

— Ms. Lankford



Being the Principal

Cookie Monster working hard to give Ms. Spencer a break
Cookie Monster taking a quick nap during his stint as principal

Another thing you may not know about Cookie Monster is that sometimes, he steps in as principal to give Ms. Spencer a quick break. He’s quite popular among administration as a tough but fair boss.

But hey, sometimes he gets tired too. Remember to pat Cookie Monster next time you see him.





Cookie Monster lecturing students on proper cookie-eating etiquette


Giving a Lecture

Cookie Monster’s resounding successes as a chess player and stand-in principal have also awarded him the privilege of lecturing students on proper cookie-eating etiquette.

He has received numerous awards and standing ovations for his work in teaching and lecturing. Once COVID precautions are no longer necessary, he’s considering taking his lessons all over the country.




Cookie Monster’s dramatic piano solo


Performing a Dramatic Piano Solo

Sometimes, Cookie Monster de-stresses from his huge workload by playing alone at the piano. He’s very shy about his musical talents—if he hears even a footstep, he’ll stop playing.

If you are one of the few souls in the world that has ever heard him play, you should consider yourself very, very lucky. His talent is comparable to that of Mozart and Beethoven.




Falling From the Sky 

Cookie Monster diving fearlessly from the railing
Cookie Monster posing for the camera as he plummets towards his probable doom

Cookie Monster is absolutely fearless. He’ll jump at any sign of adventure, and leap into it headfirst. (This one isn’t our fault either, Ms. Hurt. What can we say? He loves to be daring.)

(Also, please don’t give me an F.)





Special thanks to:

  • Ms. Spencer, who didn’t even bat an eye when we asked to take pictures of Cookie Monster at her desk
  • Ms. Lankford, for being awesome
  • Mr. Murphy, for his deadpan humor
  • The (somewhat) anonymous group of seniors who assisted me with this photoshoot

And, most of all, we thank Ms. Hurt for gracing us with the presence of our beautiful boy. Please don’t take him from us again after this article.


Elias holding up his catch like an Instagram fish boy


This’ll impress the ladies on the ‘Gram!”

— Elias McCall