How to Overcome Senioritis

Tips from Ms. “Worst Case of Senioritis” herself


Good afternoon raptors. Today I will be speaking on a very sensitive topic that has plagued me since the horrible lows of sophomore year: senioritis. For those who are somehow unaware, senioritis is defined as a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. There is unfortunately no cure to this soul-sucking illness, and I know a lot of my fellow seniors have suffered/are currently suffering from the same disease. Today I will be discussing tips and tricks that have helped me over the hurdle of senioritis, or I at least thought would help me at some point.

  1. Remember it will all be over soon 🙂 

Success level: 7/10. Encouraging to think about however too far away to actually motivate me.

This one is specific to seniors only. Sophomores, juniors, and dare I say freshmen who feel they have been plagued with this unfortunate mindset so early on; I unfortunately cannot say this piece of advice is true for you. However fellow seniors, it’s important to remember that we are so, so close to the grand finale. Only a few months left until it’s time to continue the saga for another 4 years in a different location, only this time it costs thousands of dollars! 

      2. Distract yourself with literally anything.

Success level: 3/10. Overall pretty unsuccessful. Will most likely further your senioritis.

Whether this be hanging out with friends, playing a sport, or binge watching your favorite netflix series there is nothing better than a good old fashion distraction when it comes to avoiding thinking about things that stress you out. Multiple zeros in canvas? No worries, just distract yourself for long enough to where you don’t remember/are too interested in whatever else you’re doing to worry about it. This one should be a big hit for everyone out there with an addictive personality! 

      3. Remember colleges can withdraw your acceptance.

Success level: 10/10. Nothing motivates people like fear!

This one is a huge help to me. Nothing like having the college you worked your *** off for four years to withdraw your acceptance because of a few lazy mistakes. This genuinely terrifies me and may be one of the main factors pushing me to continue to (try to) work hard even though there is practically no gas left in the tank. Straighten up soldier, or face the wrath of your admissions counselor.