What Life is Like With Corona

Beware the Covid-19


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be living at home with the deadliest disease of our generation? To be so isolated that you can not even see your own family? Well, that is what I have recently experienced.I am a senior and I had covid-19. Since my positive test on November 27th, I was quarantined at home, in my bedroom for 11 days. I only ever experienced fairly mild symptoms of the disease. These included cough, headache, and general tiredness and soreness. I consider myself lucky that those were my only symptoms because this disease has killed 271 thousand people nationwide and under no circumstances should be taken lightly. Here is generally how my days have gone over the past week while in quarantine:

-At seven in the morning, I wake up and generally lay in bed scrolling through Instagram, Snapchat, or Reddit as I wait for breakfast.

-Around 7:30, my mom brings breakfast to my door because she is the best. It generally consists of a piece of fruit, a muffin or something similar, and a glass of milk (whole milk) as I prepare for the school day.

-At 8:00 I would hop out of bed and into the shower, brushing my teeth and getting ready for a long day of sitting in my room doing school and other sad boring stuff.

-After that I slouched through my first block, trying my absolute best to keep my eyes open through online lectures.

-Then comes a short break, where I play Xbox with the other quarantined boys. The more notable games that we play are Fortnite and Governor of Poker.

-Next is the second period which for me is AP Literature on A days and AP Statistics on B days. Generally, these classes were easier to get through, as second block classes typically are. Usually, once the teacher concludes her lecture she sets the online kids free. This means more Xbox for me. 

-After that comes a split third block. For my third block classes, I have newspaper and honors government. These classes fly by due to the split block. During the lunch period, my mom would bring lunch to my door and I would mindlessly eat while watching Netflix or youtube. 

-Following the third block comes my fourth block classes which are Marine Science and an early out. Early outs are the best because freedom of course and Marine is not that bad either and after that my school day is over.

-Generally following the school day I would watch a movie or play more Xbox with the boys, usually wasting my time until it was time for dinner

-I ate a huge variety of food for dinner. I think my mom was feeling adventurous due to a large amount of time we all had to spend in the house together.

-After eating dinner in my room, it would be dark out and I would take my dog for a walk (While wearing a mask of course) around the quiet parts of my neighborhood.

-Following the dog walking, I would play basketball for a little while listening to music. These were the best parts of my quarantine, a true vibe.

-Upon returning home I would watch sports or do literally anything in an attempt to pass the time before finally going to sleep.

-I would usually fall asleep around 10:30

The days throughout this quarantine were generally long and uneventful, although they were made slightly better by the fact that some of my friends were experiencing the same thing. I do not know how I would have made it through this two week period had it not been for the internet, as I spent an exorbitant amount of time staring at a screen. My dog was a very big benefactor of me being stationed at home because she got some of her longest walks ever and she got them at a much higher frequency.


Here are some statistics I thought I would include:

-My screen time increased by 30% to daily usage of over eight hours a day

-Any resemblance to a tan that I had disappeared, as I looked like a zombie for a majority of the quarantine

-I lost two pounds somehow

-I played more Fortnite than I think anyone in the world since 2018

-I watched 7 movies, some of my favorites were Oceans 11-13 and the second Borat movie.

-I was in my bedroom for roughly 90% of the day

-More of my day was spent watching movies than being outside.