Introducing the 2020/2021 Boys’ Raptor Basketball Team


The 2020/2021 Academic Magnet Raptor basketball team looks like they will have a promising season this year. The team consists of five seniors, Mark Maci, Mattia Cassell, Owen Conley, Mills Jordan, and Thomas Abraham. Mark, Mattia, and Thomas are returning varsity players who played junior varsity their freshman and sophomore years. Mills is also a returning varsity player although he took a break from basketball his sophomore year. This will be Owen’s third year on the varsity team and as a four-year Raptor basketball player. Suffering from a sprained ankle, Owen could not play in the first two games but he will be ready to play for Friday’s game against Lowcountry Leadership.

The junior makeup of the basketball team carries a lot of talent as well. William Hyatt, McClain Stoklosa, Gray “Flyer” Willits, and Jake Freudenheim are all returning varsity players who played junior varsity their freshman years. Finally, are the sophomore players: Walker Bauknight, Baze Duckworth, and Will Russler. With a large height advantage, Walker got pulled up to varsity at the end of his freshman season and has earned a starting spot as a sophomore!

The full basketball team roster follows:

The Raptors basketball team had their first game last Tuesday against Burke High School. In a tight game all the way up to the final minute, Burke took the game with a 4 point lead. The final score was 53-49. Despite this loss, the Raptors played a great game with Mark Maci dropping 17 points and scoring five three-pointers in a row during the last minute! Likely due to their pregame ritual of singing head shoulders knees and toes, the basketball team took their first win on Friday, with a score of 46-39 against Lowcountry Leadership. Playing an outstanding game, William Hyatt had a double-double on Friday night. The Raptors were scheduled to play against Palmetto Christian Academy on Monday night, but the game got canceled due to an outbreak of coronavirus at PCA. Buy tickets online at beforehand and come support your Raptors basketball team on Friday night against Lowcountry Leadership!

The rest of the Raptor’s schedule follows:

Wednesday 12/9 vs. St. John HS

Friday 11/12 vs. Lowcountry Leadership

Friday 12/18 @ Burke

Monday-Wednesday 12/28-12/30 @ the Carolina Invitational (Opponents TBD)

Tuesday 1/5 vs. Battery Creek HS

Friday 1/8 @ Bishop England HS

Tues 1/22 vs. North Charleston HS

Fri 1/15 vs. Hanahan Hs

Tues 1/19 @ Oceanside HS

Fri 1/22 @ Battery Creek HS

Tues 1/26 vs Bishop England HS

Fri 1/29 @ North Charleston HS

Tues 2/2 @ Hanahan HS

Fri 2/5 vs. Oceanside HS