Lets Talk Skin Care


Whether you’ve alphabetized the Glossier inventory by memory, or have never attempted to wash your face, you should consider taking care of your skin. Some dermatologists recommend solidifying a basic skincare routine to make sure your face doesn’t respond negatively to any given product. Researching different products and brands allows you to tailor your skincare to your individual needs, such as dry, oily, or sensitive skin. Quality products can help your skin glow and maintain youthfulness in the future, but dinky, ineffective products can irritate your skin further or have no impact. Proper skincare matters because the skin is the largest physical barrier we have against infection and internal irritation, so maintaining healthy skin keeps this barrier strong. Meaning, skincare is not limited by its aesthetic and cosmetic components- it can make you feel good and look good at the same time when executed properly.

To explore this further, I asked some Magnet students about their skincare routines. Here are the results:

Felix von Asten (grade 12)

Felix used to use Accutane to combat his acne, but to his relief, his skin cleared up. He no longer uses Accutane and, instead, showers daily and moisturizes with the “yellow Clinique one”. He refers to this moisturizer as “good stuff” and highly recommends it. Most importantly, Felix uses the Epionce Medical Barrier Cream to keep his lips hydrated and smooth. This product was brought to his attention during his dry Accutane days, though it remains a staple of his skincare routine.

Katherine Nguyen (grade 10)

Katherine employs cleansers from the brand Earth to Skin as well as a moisturizer from Kate Summerville. She uses a serum by The Ordinary and follows it with liquid toner. Katherine took the liberty to try out one of the many youtube hacks sworn to make a difference: cold spoons under your eyes. She lets two metal spoons sit in the freezer for a few minutes and then holds them under her eyes until she feels the cold tightening her skin. Supposedly, the stark contrast in temperature makes your eye bags less puffy and inflamed. Katherine even has a skincare fridge: a commodity used to cool certain skin products that respond well to low temperatures. Respect.

Celia Buhmeyer (grade 9)

Every day, Celia cleanses her face and applies- in this particular order- a moisturizer, an acne treatment, and sunscreen. Most dermatologists recommend that everyone wears a thin layer of sunscreen when going outside, to prevent discoloration and potential medical consequences. Celia strongly dislikes the brands: Saint Ives and Mario Bardescuo, both of which are excellent examples of products marketed primarily through social media. Both of them employ the bandwagon effect that draws in young, avid consumers subject to the allure of propaganda. Social media influencers often promote both brands, though many consumers contest the actual effectiveness of each product. In place of these, Celia recommends The Ordinary for more reliable products- particularly their niacinamide treatment.

Liam Wood (grade 12)

Liam uses moisturizer on his face after showering and makes sure to cover his eyes, nose, and forehead, as they become dry quite rapidly. He then uses a .1% tretinoin solution for acne and applies it to his face, back, and shoulders. He also uses Dove cleansing soap and then oil-removing wipes as part of his nighttime skincare routine. Liam prefers to address his skin at night instead of the morning, giving his skin ample time to absorb the moisture and recharge.

Aiden McKittrick (grade 11)

Aiden hates skincare. He used to employ various kinds of face scrubs and masks, the accumulation of which caused him to break out a lot. He ended up going on Accutane, which has a few noticeable side effects but eventually cleared up his skin. He thinks that the facade of skincare is one of deceit and that a minimal routine is the best route to clear and healthy skin.

Eliza Taylor (grade 12)

Eliza uses the Cerave foaming face wash in the morning (in the purple bottle) and uses the Osea ocean cleansing, mud face wash at night. She uses the ocean wash in tandem with the Osea blemish balm that helps reduce acne. The combination of these products allows Eliza to feel fresh and clean before she starts the day, and before she goes to bed.

Caley Jacobs (grade 11)

Caley also washes her face with the Cerave foaming cleanser and accompanies it with the niacinamide treatment from The Ordinary. She applies Vitamin C to her skin at night and cannot go without moisturizer, both of which leave her skin looking radiant and hydrated.

Landon Etheridge (grade 12)

Landon uses a brightening skin cream and washes his face every night. He uses a moisturizing cream that he lets sit on his skin overnight for hydrated, supple skin. Overall, Lanonds routine is minimal but consistent.

Kaila Brown (grade 12)

Kaila usually washes her face with a cleanser and sometimes follows it by applying toner. She’ll use aloe vera to hydrate her skin, often in combination with another moisturizer. Hydrate or diedrate! She then lathers castor oil onto her eyelashes and eyebrows to keep them full and healthy.