Meet the ’20-’21 Student Council!

The kiddos that run the school!


Gooooooood morning raptor nation! The new Student Council of Academic Magnet has been elected and it’s time for you to meet them! Let’s begin with the Executive Council (excluding class presidents)!


Student Body President: Lily O

Well this is awkward… yeah it’s me, but let’s focus on the other amazing members of council!

Disha Qanungo

Student Body Vice President: Disha Qanungo

The cheer/key club queen herself, Disha Qanungo, is this year’s Student Body Vice President! She is my right-hand man, incredibly funny, hardworking, and very, very short. I am super excited to welcome her back to the council for her second year in power!!! If you have any issues with me… take it up with her. (Just kidding!… unless)

Mary Routh

Student Body Secretary: Mary Routh

Mary Routh is the BEST note-taker in the game. This is her first year on student council, but she is no amateur. Mary is diligent, incredibly sweet and has some of the cutest clothes you’ve ever seen! Mary also ensures that I don’t forget what we talked about in meetings, meaning she’s my life-saver.

Elias McCall

Student Body Treasurer: Elias McCall

Elias is the man in orange. Mr. McCall is embraces the title of “tiger king”, as the MOST loyal Clemson supporter I’ve ever met. He’s super smart, great with money, and the man who’s gonna keep Charleston County afloat with his mad skills.

Maddie Nguyen

Student Body Historian: Maddie Nguyen 

If anyone has an eye for art, creativity and style it’s our Student Body Historian, Maddie Nguyen. She’s a volleyball rockstar, intense poker player and an even more intense foodie. You’ll most likely see her peeking around corners to get the perfect pictures for our Student Council scrapbook.

Taryn Crowley

Executive Community Service Chair: Taryn Crowley 

Taryn Crowley is the hippie dippie community service queen. She’s got your music recs, an astute knowledge of everything Harry Styles and probably incense in her back pocket. Ready to give back to the community and donate blood? Taryn’s your gal!



Now we move on to the senior class council!

John Rowe

Senior Class President: John Rowe

John is kicking off his STUCO career as the big man on campus: president! His creativity, exuberance and extroverted energy make a great addition to the student government family.

Landon Ethredge

Senior Class Vice President: Landon Ethredge 

Landon is super smart, hard-working and incredibly tall! He contributes amazing ideas and will help make sure the seniors have a great year despite the uNfoRseEn ciRcumStANcES.

Josie Massenet

Senior Class Secretary: Josie Massenet 

Super sweet, super motivated and super smart. All these words describe Secretary Josie Massenet! Her craving for success will ensure top-notch communication and beautiful note taking

Senior Class Treasurer: Timothy Wilson 

Timothy Wilson is a man of experience. He knows the money and is ready to be a dedicated council member for yet another year! Timothy’s intelligence and organizational skills make him and amazing student and treasurer. (I couldn’t track down a photo of him)

Let’s move on the the juniors!

Hunter Sutcliffe

Junior Class President: Hunter Sutcliffe

Hunter is one of the most well spoken and informed individuals I’ve ever encountered! He’s dedicated, well rounded and ready to *maybe* lead the juniors to victory!

Oliver Abar

Junior Class Vice President: Oliver Abar

Oliver Abar is charismatic, outgoing, and the idea man of the junior council! He’s got fantastic red hair and an ever more fiery personality.


Maya Khaskhely

Junior Class Secretary: Maya Khaskhely 

Maya Khaskhely is an amazingly intelligent communicator, incredibly hard worker, and an even better friend! She’ll talk you through a breakup or breakdown the weekly agenda!

Junior Class Treasurer: Kevin Fan 

Kevin Fan

Kevin Fan is the student council veteran of the senior class! He’s served with us since Freshman year and is ready to add another year! Kevin is an intellectual and the perfect man to handle your money.

Sophomores! It’s your turn!!

Vishwa Veeraswamy

Sophomore Class President: Vishwa Veeraswamy

Vishwa is the younger brother of Magnet alumni Kedar, but he is SO much more then that! He’s hilarious, intelligent and incredibly reliable! We are so grateful to have him on the council this year.

Emma Morrison

Sophomore Class Vice President: Emma Morrison 

Emma Morrison is one of the happiest girls on the block! She’s super outgoing and a friend to everyone!


Karina Raykova

Sophomore Class Secretary:  Karina Raykova

In the words of Vishwa, Karina has “great vibes.” She can start a conversation with nearly anyone and is impossible to dislike.

Sophomore Class Treasurer: Lily Coulter 

Lily Coulter

Got a secret? She can keep it! Lily Coulter is super sweet with an edge to her! She’s a varsity volleyball player and is now adding Student Council to the list!

And finally… the freshmennnnn! The newbies on the campus!

Morgan Fletcher

Freshmen Class President: Morgan Fletcher

Morgan Fletcher is the sweetest, most mature freshman I’ve met (…I haven’t met many), but I know she’s a born leader! She’s super kind, easy going and a wonderful council member.

Freshmen Class Vice President: Noa Wallen 

Noa Wallen is extremely hardworking, passionate and super goofy! She’s incredible smart and a friend to all! *all you off the grid kiddos are making ig stalking difficult, no photo here :(*

Freshmen Class Secretary: Jasmina Rahimberganova

Jasmina is super intelligent and logical while also maintaining a silly personality! She can lift anyone’s spirits and can find an answer to any problem! *ditto to Noa… no picture* 🙁

Embre Slack

Freshmen Class Treasurer: Embre Slack 

Embre knows what she wants and knows how to get it! She’s a hard worker, super supportive and easy to talk to!




And that’s it! Thats the entire Student Council for 2020-2021. As president, I can say I’m incredibly excited with this bunch! They are all amazing workers, super students, and bright personalities. If you haven’t yet gotten to know them yet, now is the time!


Much love,

Madam President <3