Fall 2020 Spirit Week


This year’s spirit week will be a little different from years past. Because of the caronavirus, there will be no wall day sadly. This doesn’t mean that we still can’t show our exceptional school spirit though! Beginning on October 26th, the spirit week days follow:

Monday: Salad Dressing day

Tuesday: Toons Vs Tunes

Wednesday: Coachella day

Thursday: Generation day (Freshman are babies, Sophomores are toddlers, Juniors are adults, Seniors are seniors)

Friday: Theme that is chosen by grade level

Seniors: Check the @amhs21 Instagram account to see what the senior spin-off is for each day!

Make sure you dress up every day! The grade level that participates the most will win that factor of spirit week which will contribute to the overall winner of spirit week.

Despite the absence of a wall day in regard to keeping everyone safe, there will still be classic spirit week activities. Throughout the week, different grade levels will compete in penny wars. You know the drill. Coins can be placed in other grade levels’ jar which will take away money from them. Dollars can be placed in your own grade level’s jar to increase the money. At the end of the week whoever has the most net money wins this element of spirit week.

Kicking the week off on Monday will be a physical strength competition between grades. Each grade will select a participant for the push-up contest. Whoever can do the most push-ups will win this activity. On Tuesday there will be a mental strength competition. Each grade will select two people to compete in a game of trivia. Whoever gets the most questions right will be awarded a point for this activity. For Coachella day on Wednesday, there will be a break from the competition. The school will provide music and a Kona Ice truck where you can get snow cones. On Thursday, for generation day, there will be bingo in the courtyard for seniors only. On Friday, there will not be a pep rally or a wall day as previously stated. Instead, the school has come up with fun activities as a replacement. There will be a Halloween carnival for the underclassmen where games and candy will be provided. For the seniors, there will be trunk or treating. This is where the seniors will go around to different cars and get candy from each other, a spin off to trick or treating. Get excited folks!