Top Five Halloween Activities

from the pov of someone who HATES horror movies


Hi friends! I am back again to write about my second favorite holiday in existence: Halloween!  (Christmas has to come first, obviously) You have my word that I will be writing one of these for Thanksgiving and Christmas when they get closer. 

Now unfortunately, if it is Halloween, that also means it is horror movie season. Everyone seems to loveeee giving themselves nightmares for 2 hours straight. Not me. I hate hate hate hate horror movies. And not in a cute like “oh I am scared” kind of way. I will be screaming with my head under a blanket before it has been five minutes. My friends have forced me to watch way too many horror movies with them, each time claiming that I will enjoy it. However, my mind is made up.

Soooo I have decided to put together a list of the top five fun, not scarring, activities to do during the month of October for you all to enjoy. 

1. Go to a pumpkin patch!!! this one is my favorite because I absolutely love looking through all the pumpkins to pick the best one. I am a little bit of a perfectionist with it and refuse to take one that is not…well…perfect. The pumpkin patch in Boone Hall opens on October 1st, for those interested.

 2. Have a bonfire!! I love this one assuming the Charleston weather will cooperate. Wait for a cold day, then go out and buy s’more ingredients and some apple cider. For this one you are kind of reliant on someone having a fire pit in their backyard, as it costs a fee to have one on the beach, unfortunately.

3. Carve pumpkins! this one had to be placed third on the list (with only one exclamation point) because I absolutely hate taking the guts out of the pumpkins. Also, I find it very difficult to make any Jack-O-Lantern that looks how it looks in my head.

(I guess being a surgeon is not in my future)

 4.  Make sugar cookies in Halloween shapes and decorate them. this activity really shows you who has artistic talent and who doesn’t. I will let y’all decide which category you think I fit into.

5. Host a football watching party!! Although this is not directly related to fall, the games occur during the season, so I figure it counts.

Only in the top five if you are watching a Clemson game, however.                                                                                                                                                            

Sorry, Carolina fans, it’s my list so I get to make the rules:)