It’s Time for “Some Good News”

A look into John Krasinski’s homemade news channel.

Brad Pitt attempting to forecast the weather.

Brad Pitt attempting to forecast the weather.

In these dark times, as we find ourselves struggling to cope with being stuck at home with our families and what seems like an endless onslaught of zoom classes, one man fights for our well being, our optimism, and most importantly, our entertainment. You may know him as “Jim Halpert”, “Jack Ryan”, or the tall guy married to Emily Blunt. However, he does in fact have a real name: John Krasinski. While mainstream media floods our minds with an over politicized smorgasbord of skewed data and misleading anecdotes, Krasinski has filmed, anchored, directed and produced his very own media outlet known as “Some Good News”.

Brad Pitt’s attempt to forecast the weather.

According to Krasinski,  “S.G.N.” is “dedicated entirely to good news”(S.G.N.), in an attempt to lift the spirits of an otherwise melancholy global community. Krasinski’s witty retorts and self deprecating humor pairs perfectly with the content he broadcasts. From an acapella zoom call with the cast of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hammilton”, to an amateur weather report starring Brad Pitt, “S.G.N.” manages to top itself in terms of creativity and overall wholesomeness every week. Most importantly, Krasinski tends to focus less on the celebrities and political figureheads publicly struggling through the pandemic, but instead on the healthcare workers and millions of citizens whose lives have been uprooted. 


A night to remember.

As seniors in HighSchool, we understand missing our last semester is seemingly irrelevant compared to the suffering of families and individuals affected healthwise by Covid-19. However, it’s normal and even expected for us to be disappointed in missing events such as our senior prom. Luckily, “S.G.N.” was there to save the day, or should I say night?  On Friday, April 17, Krasinski hosted and DJed a virtual prom as a substitute for all the proms missed due to quarantine. It included live performances from Billie Eilish and The Jonas Brothers. The national response to Krasinskis’s attempts to replace a seemingly irreplaceable night was overwhelmingly positive. Twitter has exploded with a wave of gratitude from students and parents towards “S.G.N.” and the efforts made to brighten our evening.


What truly sets “S.G.N.” apart from national broadcasting networks is the degree at which Krasinksi’s broadcasts interact with the community. He encourages submissions from across social media platforms for stories, videos and even fan art to create a show that truly involves its viewers. If you find yourself tired of binge watching “The Tiger King”, I highly recommend watching an episode of “S.G.N.”. As Krasinski’s kind smile invites you in each episode, your soul feels as if it’s being wrapped in a warm blanket as your worries drift away.