Chris Cox Runs to Defeat Joe Cunningham

Chris Cox held a Rally on February 29, 2020


Chris Cox Speaking at his Rally

South Carolina District One is currently represented by Democrat, Joe Cunningham in the House of Representatives. In order to remove Joe from Congress, Republicans need to ensure that they have a respectable nominee to go against him. One man running for that position is Chris Cox, the founder of Bikers for Trump.

This Saturday on February 29, Chris Cox held a rally to gain more support for his campaign.

Speaker for the Blexit movement

The rally began with two guest speakers before Chris Cox spoke. The first person on the stage was me and I spoke about the importance of youth engagement in politics. After I was done, a member of the Charleston Blexit (the black exit) movement took the stage. He spoke about how it is of the utmost importance that the black community exits the Democratic party as the Republican party is truly the party that will create a positive difference in the minority community. There were many people cheering in support of this movement.

Then Chris Cox took the stage.
He began by telling the people attending the rally that he is a common man who stands on the principle of loyalty and accountability. First he spoke of some actions he would take as our representative in the area of fixing roads and traffic. Then he moved on to speak of what sets him apart from the other candidates.

I do not care about making money. I care about making history.”

— Chris Cox

He has already done the work of a congressional member, maybe even better.
One of his major accomplishments is with the Amish community in Ohio. He rallied the Amish community and got them to stand on Biblical principles and vote. In a historical visit on December 23, 2020, Donald Trump hosted an Oval Office visit with the community, which was a big step for a group of people who are rarely involved with politics. This was thanks to the influence of Chris Cox as he realized the importance of including all American citizens in the opportunity of voting. He also spoke of of how he reached out to the the Native American community. He told those attending the rally that he has had conversations with Native Americans and asked them what they have concerns with. He found that their main problem is with how history is written. Chris Cox’s plan of how to address this is as follows. He claims that just how Martin Luther King rewrote history and it is remembered by MLK Day, he plans for the Native Americans to have their own holiday as well so that they can “rewrite history”. He is half way through writing this bill, so it is not an empty promise.
Chris Cox also spoke of his trip to Israel in late 2019 when he traveled to the country and held a Trump rally to gather Israel’s support.
He has a personal connection with Donald Trump. Along with a couple of visits to the White House he has made, he also has Donald Trump’s phone number. Last month Chris Cox made a phone call to the president, and he responded in less than 23 hours. Chris Cox claimed that he would use that relationship to benefit the Lowcountry.

He claimed that contrary to many Congress members, he is not there to climb the “political power ladder” and gain power. He is there for the Lowcountry. This is shown by the fact that he has already been involved in nationwide politics, he has a relationship with Donald Trump, and he has made a difference. Now he wants to bring it back to the Lowcountry and make the difference here.