Magnet Slang Dictionary

This one’s for Ms. Hurt


Brick runner gang

Dog (noun) – Used to describe someone who is cool. Sponsored by Christian Axenborg

Baddie (noun) – An attractive woman or someone with lots of self confidence

Flukin around (verb) – Used typically to emphasize a point, ex: “I’m not fluking around.” Sponsored by Ella Lesesne

Word (noun) – An expression of agreement or understanding, ex: “I’ll be back in an hour.” “Word”

Bet (noun) – An expression of agreement

Cap (noun) – A lie, ex: “Cookout is too expensive.” “Massive cap.”

Aight / Ight – Shortened from “alright”

Simp (noun) – A guy who tries extremely hard to impress a girl 

Yuri (phrase) – Do you know who Yuri is? Sponsored by Jack Levenson 

What’s the move (phrase) – Used to make plans

Gas (adjective) – good. Ex: “Mama Kim’s is gas.”

Tweaking (verb) – freaking out

Finna (phrase) – Shortened from “fixing to.” Used to describe something you plan to do

Wig (phrase) – expression made when drama is heard

Tea (noun) – drama. Ex: “What’s the tea?”

Grub (noun or verb) – food, eating food

Send (verb) – Putting all your energy into an activity. Ex: “Half send? What’s a half send?”

Flam (adjective) – bad, used for someone who bails on you

Cuff (verb) – to get a girlfriend or boyfriend. Ex: “It’s cuffing season.”

Whack (adjective) – flam

A dime (noun) – a perfect ten

A cat (noun) – a beautiful girl. Sponsored by Christian Axenborg. A swedish term.

Dip (verb) – to leave

Extra (adjective) – over the top, excessive

Goat (noun) – the greatest of all time

Raw (adjective) – really good

Slap (verb) – Used to describe something you like. Ex: “This burger slaps.”

SteeZ (noun) – style and ease

Tweener (noun) – a function slightly larger than a kickback (20 people)

Salty (adjective) – jealous or angry at someone

Church (phrase) – used to emphasize a point. Ex: “I’ll be there. Church.”

Oof (phrase) – expression used for surprise, disturbance, anger, humor, agreement, disagreement, or annoyance

Sus (adjective) – suspicious

Game Over (adjective) – something so good that you cannot process it

Geek (adjective) – weird but also cool 

Munch (noun) – food. Ex: “you tryna get some munch”

Silky vs Poly (adjective) – types of do-rags

Mess (noun) – a shenanigan Ex: just messing, pulling a mess

Buddy (pronoun) – used in reference to someone. Ex: “You got a problem buddy?”

Gwix (adjective) – synonymous to geek

Chop (adjective) – bad, trash

Bet Status (adjective) – something that’s really good

Bussin (adjective) – really good

Let’s whip (phrase) – let’s leave (in the car)

Perch up (verb) – to sleep or slump

Slump (verb) – to sleep

Brick runner gang (noun) – the gang of snapchat influencer Snat God

Fed (noun) – a cop

Going Fed (verb) – going hard, similar to a full send

It’s straight (phrase) – there’s nothing to worry about

Boot (verb) – to get sick

On one (adjective) – acting crazy. Ex: “Sorry about that. He’s on one tonight.”

Opp (noun) – a snitch

Rally (verb) – to come back from a… defeat

You’re Sharp (phrase) – you understand


Notable Mentions:

“What’s the cheese” – Will Jordan

“I’m trying to bring the word swag back” – Susannah Ryan

“I say swagadiddy” – Elan Levine

“I say lit a lot. In groups of three” – Elan Levine

“I say that’s hot, like Paris Hilton” – Bailey Hillen