Spotlight on Lily O


Lily as Mr. Tumnus

Recently Charleston Stage put on the play “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”. Magnet’s very own junior, Lily O, played the role of Mr. Tumnus.

These are Lily’s opening remarks when asked about the overall experience of this play.

“I have been with Charleston Stage for seven years now, and this is my tenth show with them. This was one of my favorite shows I have been a part of as I had one of the larger roles. The cast consisted mostly of kids which I liked as I got to see their capabilities. I enjoyed my scene with the character named Lucy, who is the child to first discover Narnia, as it was fun to create the relationship on stage between her and Mr. Tumnus.”

This is how the rest of the interview played out:

“What was your favorite part of playing Mr. Tumnus?”

“Mr. Tumnus was the most dynamic character I have played. The emotions went to fear to excitement to sadness and then back to fear which is what made him one of my favorite characters to play.”

“What was your costume like?”

“Mr. Tumnus is a fawn. My costume stuck true to the movie as I wore a viking helmet with horns, furry leggings, a red viking-like shawl, and I carried the pipe around that he plays in the movie. I was wearing four layers, and it was very hot. It was a lot of fur. I kind of looked like a furry.”

“How many shows did Charleston Stage put on?”

“There were six shows where we performed for other schools. We did two a day for three days. Then there were two performances open to the public.”

“Why have you stayed with Charleston Stage after seven years?”

“I have spent most of my time at Dock Street Theater or the West Ashley Theater Center, and I love rehearsing. I like the people as I have been there for so long and have grown relationships. I like performing and seeing people’s reactions to shows, especially the kid’s. When I am not in the plays I works as the crew for other shows as I love to stay involved even when I am not performing.”

“What is your plan for the future in theater?”

“I want to always be involved, so I plan on minoring in theater.”

Lily O’s passion for theater was shown through her excitement as she answered these questions. It was inspiring to see someone be so involved in school, as she is on the executive board in student council, and at the same time have something she puts so much of her time in outside of school.