Your 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the Season

Despite being the best time of the year, the holiday season can be overwhelming due to the pressure to find the perfect gifts for your friends and family. Although gift-giving and receiving is not the reason for the season, it’s always nice to get stocked up on things you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself. Featured below is a list of this year’s hottest items to gift or ask for this holiday season.

  1. Spotify premium membership: (or apple music, if that’s what you’re into) Whether you’re up in the clouds or going way underground, it’s easy to take our music with you wherever you go. With Spotify premium, you can save your favorite songs to your phone and listen offline. That means you can play anywhere, anytime, without using any data. And right now, you can try premium for 30 days. Ready to make the move? Tap the banner to learn more.
  2. Quip electric toothbrush: This aesthetically pleasing toothbrush comes in a variety of different colors and was considered one of the best 25 inventions according to TIME magazine. Starting at $25, this toothbrush will optimize your dental health
  3. Air Pods: If you don’t have them already, now is the perfect opportunity to ditch the wires for a more comfortable music listening experience. Certainly worth the hype. 
  4. Gym Membership: Depending on the type, these can get expensive. Planet Fitness offers a basic membership with a price of only $10 a month excluding annual fees. Boxing, indoor cycling, yoga, OrangeTheory, barre, and pilates studios offer bulk deals to get multiple classes for a lower price and are a healthy gift to receive.
  5. Gas Cards: If you have trouble budgeting your money and end up scrambling for gas money when your tank runs low, this is the gift for you. Although it may not be the most exciting, these will fill up your tank while preventing you from spending your gas money on other things.
  6. Money: Self-explanatory, money is always nice to have.
  7. Laptop: If you’re tired of opening your school chrome book only to find the keyboard covered in a mysterious sticky residue, a new computer may be ideal. If you aren’t ready to drop 1k on a MacBook, there are other brands available (but MacBook airs are on sale for $699 on Amazon)
  8. Skateboard: Do you want to put your Vans to good use? A skateboard (or a Ripstick if you’re quirky like that) is the perfect gift.
  9. Boosted Board: Although they are expensive, Boosted boards are worth the price. They can travel up to 25 mph and one charge allows 7 miles of travel. Owning one is the ultimate flex.
  10. Dog: Also self-explanatory. Any dog will suffice. Just not a cat. 
  11. LED Lights: As seen on Tik Tok! I purchased these lights on amazon as a joke, but now fully understand the hype. You can put them anywhere to instantly transform your bedroom into a nightclub. They can be changed to a variety of different colors, brightnesses, and flash patterns to guarantee you internet fame.
  12. Blankets: It’s already cold and winter hasn’t even started. You can never have enough blankets, one for your bed, one for your car, one for school, one for sleepovers, etc. If you’re really cold, consider asking for a heated blanket.
  13. A Nice Razor: What does December mean? The end of no shave November. For both boys and girls, nothing feels better than a nice shave, which you can’t do without a nice razor. Good razors can be expensive, so the holidays are a perfect excuse to get one for yourself.
  14. College Tuition: Whether you are a freshman or senior, it’s never too early to save.
  15. Disney Plus Membership: For the low price of $6.99 a month, you can have access to arguably the best creations in the history of television.
  16. Hoodies: You can never have enough.
  17. Sneakers: Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Superga, Vans, etc. Sneakers are a comfortable fashion staple that you can find at many different price points.
  18. Party Games: They may not be a necessity but can be entertaining in party scenarios.
  19. Essential Oil Diffuser: Calming and a great decoration for your bedroom.
  20. A Nice Belt: An easy way to add a statement to any outfit. High-end option: Cheap(er) option: