Storytime with Sam White

Meet the hidden gem of Magnet students: Gilbert Benoit Grenouille Givenchy de la Croix III Coumba


One of Sam’s shenanigans during focus

Magnet is known to be the home of some of Charleston’s most fascinating high schoolers. Among them is potentially the most fascinating Magnet student ever: Samuel Joseph White. Sam, as most people call him, is currently a senior at AMHS. Sam has been an avid swimmer for the majority of his life, even placing third in the state for one of his events at the SCHSL 3A Championship Swim Meet (tell him congrats if you see him!). While Sam may seem shy and quiet in some classes, his true colors come out in select few classroom environments; most notably any French class with Mr. Jent or Dr. Altman, Ms. Hurt’s AP Lang class last year, and focus. If you have not been able to witness the Sam White in person, this is your chance. With only a few more months left in his Magnet career, we took this opportunity to learn the inner workings of who Sam White truly is. 


For those who do not know you, how would you describe yourself?

I like to speak exactly what I’m thinking at the moment that I think it, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense at first. I’m somewhat kinda a little indecisive, but not really, you know?


What is your full French name? How did you come up with it?

Well, my full name is Gilbert Benoit Grenouille Givenchy de la Croix III Coumba. I was originally just Gilbert freshman year with Mr. Jent, but over time I have added more and more. It’s a cool name. 


What is your favorite animal noise to make? Why? Can you make it for us? 

Probably a goose. It’s my most popular. I can also do a monkey. 


Outside of school, what do you spend your time doing?

Oh, I swim, like a lot. I go to school, go to swim, go home, eat dinner, do homework and go to bed by 9. Maybe 10. 


What was your favorite memory from your childhood? 

I got in a fight with Jack Levenson in the I’On Club locker room. Ooh, also, I played the “don’t touch the ground” game and I jumped from my couch to this wooden rocking horse and fell into the windowsill and had to get stitches in my mouth.


We asked some other students what they knew or thought about you. This is what senior Molly Dickerson had to say:

“I don’t know that much about Sam, but I specifically remember a story I heard about him swallowing a penny in Mr. Percy’s Algebra 2 class sophomore year.”


That sounds pretty much like you, huh?.

“I don’t actually know if I swallowed that penny or not, but I guess I can kinda see it.”


In Conclusion

We definitely could make this senior profile 10 pages long if we wanted too, but we feel like we have truly uncovered some of the best parts of Sam. If this article hasn’t already convinced you, we 100 percent recommend you go talk to Sam White whether you’ve met him already or not. While we covered some of the best stories he was able to tell us, he has countless more and Sam is one of the funniest and most open people we know. With that said, we hope you enjoyed getting to know one of Magnet’s most absolutely unforgettable seniors.