20 Spooky Costumes to Make Your Parents Say “What???!!!” *SHOCKING*

  1. “Karen”

Looking for a costume that screams, “Where’s the manager?”, well you’ve come to the right place. This look will be very popular among the meme-fanatics. Additionally, you will blend in with the parents at the neighborhood Halloween block party. But make sure you carry gluten-free snacks in your purse for little Jimmy. We all know how he gets when he has sugar…






2. Harajuku girl

This costume is perfect for you attention-hoes out there. The bright colors will catch everyone’s eyes and you will stand out amongst the crowd of sexy-cats and zombies. Make sure to add your own touch to the costume by applying some glittery makeup. 


rainbow wig 


hello kitty tee

kitten shoes 

hair bow 

furry leg warmers 


3. Snookie

Do you love watching The Jersey Shore? Have you ever felt like you belong on the show? Well now’s your chance because for one night you can fulfill your dream. Just make sure to carry yourself with confidence and sass. Remember, Snooki would never blend into the background.

snooki wig

leopard print dress

butt enhancer

rhinestone sunglasses 



4. Zumba Teacher

If you love to get good cardiovascular exercise by doing some energetic step-touches and great vines than this costume is for you. You will be able to get all the middle-aged women on their feet when you whip out those latin-infused aerobics moves. 

cropped black pants 

zumba sneakers 

tank top 

belly dancer skirt 


5. Jojo Siwa

Do you love irritating, fake-blonde youtubers who dress half their age? Then JoJo Siwa is the perfect costume for you. You will make all the second graders jealous. The only rule that comes with wearing this costume is that you must scream every word you say. 







6. Paris Hilton 

Have you always dreamed of being an heiress? Now you can be! This costume is simple, yet makes a statement. You will feel powerful. You will feel fabulous. Make sure to watch out for the paparazzi!

denim mini skirt 

furry tank top 

knock-off Gucci sunglasses 

pooch in purse 


7. Brittany Spears

Is your loneliness killing you? Then this 2000s pop princess is the perfect costume for you. Nobody will be left wondering what you’re dressed as because this look is absolutely iconic. Just don’t hit any babies.  







8. Crazy Brittany 

Brittany circa her 2007 mental breakdown is an obvious choice for a more edgy costume. It’s also incredibly useful for any weather. The shaved head will keep you cool in the heat, the hoodie will keep you warm in the cold, and the umbrella will keep you dry in the rain!



bald cap

white shorts



9. Ryan Evans

You’ll definitely bop to the top in this fit! Putting on this costume will instantly give you the voice of an angel and dance moves like Micheal Jackson. You can even re-use the costume for sundays at the country club! 

pink collar shirt 

white golf pants 

grey sweater vest 

newsboy cap 


10. Minnie mouse 

A feminine twist on a timely classic. This fit will make you say “hot dog!”. This costume is incredibly versatile, and you can repurpose it next year to be Remy from Ratatouille! Everyone will be asking to take pictures of you and if you charge $1 per pic, you could make upwards of  $2 a night!

Minnie Mouse costume


11.Casual friday Merideth

If you love The Office like every other sane human being on the planet, then here’s a costume for you. You can finally look normal carrying around a bottle of vodka! Just make sure the kids don’t get into it! Also, please make sure to keep your vag of honor covered.

red wig 

purple dress 


12. Rotisserie chicken

Chicken is so tasty

I would rather have it than a pastry

I like it fried and rotisserie style

For it I would walk a mile

I don’t care what came first it or the egg

For this bird I am willing to beg


chicken suit 


13. Megamind

The hottest costume of the year… Megamind! Formerly known as the lead drummer for the blue man group, Megamind is sure to make the ladies squirm. 


silver spikes




blue morphesuit


A resilient young man for sure! This childhood classic can be a throw together fan favorite. 

bald cap 






15. Boobah

This costume will transport you back into the magic of your childhood. Though, you may not be able to fit through any doorways.

blue morph suit 

boohbah mask 

inflatable ball 


16. Lady Gaga



17. Avril Lavigne

Dead or alive, Avril Lavigne is the sk8r gorl that we all aspire to be. Hop into your dad’s (or mom’s if that’s her thing) closet, rummage around, and throw together an edgy lil fit. Put chalk steaks in your hair, some heavy eyeliner, and you’re ready to go. 

cargo pants 

white tank top


studded arm bands 


18. Rico from “Hannah Montana”

I’m the man who had the cheese

I’m the man who had the jerky

We put em both together

And yeah it really workey

Cheese jerky 

Say what?!

Say what?!


white tee

green tank



19. Queen of England

Pip pip, cheerio! It’s the Queen of England! Pinkies must be up all day. Grab a cup of tea and flip on the telly. Wave to your peasants. You can, because you’re a queen. 

skirt and jacket set 



panty hose 





20. Molly the American Girl

It’s the 1940s. You are an inspiration for 7 year olds everywhere. You empower little girls to be big, powerful women. You are also a very expensive christmas present. Your costume will haunt parents everywhere. EAT YOUR SWEET POTATOES