Meet the Sailing Team

Smack the lip! Wapah! Drop down! Bwah! And get pitted! SOO pitted.

Each Monday and Thursday, one very dedicated sailing team team drives twenty minutes downtown to spend two grueling hours…  lounging on billion dollar super yachts. Yep, it’s the life. We have a whole service staff attending to our every whim and desire, and there is no hard work involved, ever. It’s great. Oh wait my imagination must have gotten the best of me! The sailing team actually races 420 sail boats competitively in the Charleston harbor! Haha what a crazy oversight. I don’t know why I would write that because I have definitely never fantasied about dropping out of school to be an international playboy island hopping in the Caribbean on a super yacht. Weird…


AMHS Sailing Team

Magnet’s very own sailing team is a true hidden gem within the AMHS community. Boasting almost twenty members this year from every grade level, the team is popping off in every sense of the phrase. Including such iconic raptors as Lee Muirhead, Clay Hershey, and Macon Bauknight, the sailing team is poised for world domination. Our coach, Cathy Swanson, is an internally acclaimed sailor (no joke) and one of the best sailors in America. Almost every other week she is traveling to compete in high profile regattas and like events. Her skills including using her megaphone, maneuvering the coach boat, and making us study! Yep, you read that right. We do lots of studying on the sailing team to better our precision, understanding, and instincts on the water. Bet your sports team doesn’t have that level of dedication!!!!! 

We are a fun team but also competitive and serious when we need to be”

— Caelan Paquette


Clay, Will, and Davis

The current lineup is as follows: Macon Bauknight, Sara Beall, Cassie Brisbin, Kristen Cooper, Samuel Day, Clay Hershey, Jack Houseal, Mason Leath, Davis Leath, Caroline Lucas, Rebecca Marhefka, Gabriel Medlin, Will Muirhead, Lee Muirhead, Caelan Paquette, Manning Unger, and last but not least Hammond Unger.





Manning, Jack, and Hammond

The sailing team partakes in regattas organized though the South Atlantic Interscholastic Sailing Association, colloquially known as SAISA, which is our divisional branch of the Interscholastic Sailing Association or ISSA. Regattas occur on the weekends all over South, and the schedule is posted below. If anyone has made it this far and wants to sail for Magnet, reach out so I can put you in touch with our manager. We have a fall and spring season, so please don’t hesitate to come for a day to see if you are vibing with it.

There is a wide range of supportive team members”

— Lee Muirhead

AMHS Fall Sailing Schedule:
9/28 – Charleston, SC
10/5- Beaufort, SC
10/12- Raleigh, NC
10/19-20 Lake Norman, NC
11/2- Sunbury, GA
11/9-10 – College of Charleston Invitational, SC
11/16- Wrightsville Beach, NC
12/7- Lake Lanier, GA