Spirit Week Days in Detail

What to Wear and How to Act


Dear Freshman, 

Spirit Week is approaching and raptors don’t mess around with spirit week. If you’re not dressed up you’re out. Forgotten. Even before the first quarter of your new year. Since magnet serves a heavy workload most of the year, we get rewarded two weeks out of the year. 

The first spirit week of this year is beginning the week of September 30th and ending on Friday, October 5th, which is the night of our homecoming football game. 


There’s a different theme for each day of the week. 

Monday: Derby Day- For this day, think Sunday’s Best, or Meeting my Significant Other’s Parents For The First Time and I Want Them to Like Me. In past years girls have often sported their Lilly Pulitzer dresses and Jack Rogers, and the boys dress up in their polos and button-downs. Maybe even throw in an extravagant sun hat from your mother’s closet. Think preppy. 

Tuesday: Greek Gods vs. Greek Life- On Tuesday you don’t have to all dress up alike! You can choose- Greek Gods and Goddesses or Fraternity and Sorority. To be a greek god or goddess is too easy. You simply have to take your bedsheet off your bed and drape it over you in whichever way you like. Add some gold accents, like a belt or a golden headband. If you’re choosing to go the other route, think frat boy. Button-ups, khaki shorts, backward hats, you know the drill. 

Wednesday: Coachella- Your dreams and wishes have come true. You are attending the music festival that is all the rage. For Wednesday wear clothing that is wild, out of the box, different from the norm. No one can judge you because hey, it’s Coachella baby. The only people who CAN judge you are the teachers and faculty so please make sure whatever you wear is school appropriate and your father would approve. 

Thursday: Generation Day- For Generation Day the Freshman are babies, Sophomores are toddlers, Juniors are adults and Seniors are senior citizens. Freshman this is the one day where school tiers are enforced. You must dress up as a baby because that’s what you guys are. Babies. Most freshmen wear a cute onesie and pop in a pacifier. 

Friday: WALL DAY- Now I’m not sure what your wall theme is, but you should go ALL OUT. This day could make or break your grade’s reputation for the rest of your high school career so dress up, get loud, and most importantly, show all the raptor spirit you can. Muster up every last ounce of spirit you have in your heart and release it during the pep rally. 

“If you don’t dress up you’re simply a weenie”

— Ella Lesesne

“Just don’t make Ms. Pinckney angry”

— Mason Leath