How to Make Use of Your Locker

Inspiration to Liven-up Your Otherwise Boring Metal Box Secured to the Wall


A row of boring lockers. A waste of such potential.

It’s the first day of school (or sometimes the second week—depends on your homeroom teacher) and you are assigned your locker. Congratulations. Now it’s the second day of school (or sometimes the second week and one day later—depends on your homeroom teacher) and you have officially forgotten you have a locker, or you have overpacked it with necessary supplies.

Mai Spy via Pinterest
If you get hungry during school, keep a well-organized stash in your locker.

What should you do now? Here are a few alternative uses for your metal box with a shiny number on the front of it:

Pantry     Do you often get hungry during the day? Or do you find that you spend obscene amounts of money in the cafeteria? You should invest in a shelf or desktop drawer set to hold your non-perishable snacks. Grab some before, after, or during school to always satisfy your outspoken stomach. 

Bed     This one is simple and effective, as it only requires three supplies: a pillow, a sleeping bag, and a stuffed teddy bear (or security blanket… but nothing else). You can choose to grab these during classes when you have free time, focus, or, if you’re daring, set it up in the middle of the hallway in between classes.

Caroline Hyde
No caption necessary.

Portable Movie     Expensive, but (possibly) worth it: a speaker and portable projector. All you do it open your locker across from a blank surface and enjoy. Hopefully, you pre-download these movies, however, because school wifi will limit your options.

Hiding Spot     According to Caroline Hyde, “It’s a great place to hang out!” If you find yourself trying to avoid your ex in the hallway, or attempting to stay at school overnight like Junie B. Jones, this is an option for you. Just know, you may not fit, or worse, you may not be able to get out.


Earliese via Twitter
Just tape some pictures and add some (fake) candles!

Shrine     Ever seen a teen TV Show that takes place at a high school and there’s always that one obsessive kid who sets up a shrine in their locker to someone they like? Do that. It can be to your boyfriend/girlfriend, favorite singer, favorite teacher, or even to your pet! Just be careful not to set up a shrine to yourself, because that makes you look conceited.


DollHouse     Did your parents already buy you a locker shelf that you don’t want to waste? No worries! You already have a two-floor house for a doll, so you should buy some furniture and you’re set! Are things in life not going your way? Just act like they are in your imaginary world!

Miniature Zoo     There are two options here: you can stuff your locker with stuffed animals and enjoy a mock zoo at your leisure, or if you are the more responsible kids of the bunch, invest in an ant farm or beta fish. You can care for your very own creatures… and if your friends cross you, you have your revenge!

Buddha Groove via Pinterest
You can purchase small zen gardens like these to place in your locker!


Zen Garden     AMHS is stressful (or so they say), so if you need a relaxer, plant a bonsai tree and lay some rocks and you’ll have your very own zen garden! Picture peacefully raking away your woes between classes. That is called serenity my friends.

Vanity     Do you need to wake up extra early to do your makeup every morning in order to avoid arriving at school looking like a troll? That’s OK, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, but if you would prefer to sleep in a bit, set up some mirrors and makeup drawers in your locker and you’ll have your very own vanity at school!

Overflow Closet     Think Sharpay from High School Musical. ‘Nough said.

Art Gallery     For those of you who were visual arts majors in middle school or world-class doodlers in math class: set up a mini gallery in your locker! If you’re good about it, you can switch out your works every once in a while, and if you’re not, you will have some cool looking art in your locker all year… Win-Win!


Just in case someone spills cheese fries on your shirt during a dance break.

Time Capsule     Picture this: every week, you choose an object that was significant and put it in your locker, then, come June, you open your locker and reminisce about your fond (or stress-inducing, it really depends on how your year went) memories. Ah, nostalgia.


Anonymous comment box     OK, exclaimer: I am going to try this one. Lock your locker (this part isn’t absolutely necessary, but it will be very helpful) and add a sign to the front that says “LEAVE COMMENTS HERE,” so people will know to drop notes through the hole. Hopefully they’re positive comments, otherwise, think of them as constructive criticisms.

Regardless of how you choose to use your locker, please be mindful there are no outlets immediately available to lockers, so you cannot use plug-in appliances. But in all seriousness, I hope you found the inspiration to actually use your locker for more than a month this year. Good luck!