Four Students Saying Good-bye to the USA


In a 2016-2017 report, 325,339 U.S. students have gone to study abroad. The top ten destinations were United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, China, Ireland, Australia, Costa Rica, and Japan. According to Ms. Hurt, Academic Magnet has never seen so many students going out of the country to go to college. This year, four students are going to a college outside of the USA.

325,339 U.S. students have gone to study abroad.”

Mary Helen Elliott will be attending the University of St. Andrews, located at St. Andrews, Scotland. University of St. Andrews is the oldest of the four ancient universities in Scotland, founded in 1413. It is also considered the third-oldest in the English speaking world. Their motto ‘Ever to excel’, is taken from Homer’s Iliad. They are ranked first in Scotland and third in the UK by the Guardian University Guide 2019 and the Times and Sunday Times University Guide 2019. They also have less than 1% of students who end up transferring their first year.

Chloe Putnam will be attending a university in Sydney, Australia, the University of New South Wales. The University of New South Wales, established in 1949, stands as one of the top 50 universities in the world. Additionally, they have awarded more than $81 million dollars in scholarships in the past year in total. Imagine how many students they have given scholarships to. They are also ranked no. 1 for research in New South Wales and fourth internationally in the Excellence in Research Australia report. Fun fact, they’ve taught five out of the twenty-five young rich listers in Australia from the Business Review Weekly Young Rich List in 2017.

John Conley decided to attend University of Central Lancashire, located in the city of Preston, Lancashire, England. Founded in 1828, the University of Central Lancashire has one of the UK’s largest population with 38, 00 of students and faculty combined. They enroll students from over 100 countries with over 2,000 international students coming to their campus. They also have 125 international institutions all across the globe. Crazy, right? Additionally, the University of Central Lancashire is the only university in the UK that runs a film module, most recent one being The Collaborators (2015), which is an independent British crime drama film about two art students who are forced to flee in a stolen taxi after being caught up in illegal activities.

Sarah Romagnuolo will be attending University of Toronto, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This university, founded in 1827, was the birthplace of insulin and stem cell research as well as  the site of the first practical electron microscope, the development of deep learning, multi-touch technology, the identification of the first black hole Cygnus X-1, and the development of the theory of NP-completeness. This university is approximately 21% international students. These international students come from 168 countries and regions, including Indonesia, Mexico, the USA , and Singapore. 

I wish these four good luck and farewell.