Fox News vs. CNN


Media Bias

In Newspaper Production class with Mrs. Hurt, each class you are assigned to go on news websites and read 3 different articles and write down the name of each of these articles. For 4th quarter of senior year, I’ve decided to write down articles from Fox News one day and CNN the next. Every newspaper class I switch between these websites to compare their political views. Everyone knows that CNN is a strongly liberal news agency that seeks to demonize Donald Trump and pose him as the enemy of the American people. On the other hand, Fox News has been trying to pose the Democratic party as full of lunatics that are going to ruin the country. All I know is that neither agency is innocent and devoid of bias in the political field.

Carl Azuz needs to be removed from the CNN student sector. For being obnoxious and teleprompter puns.

— Liza Allen

Examples of Bias Article titles

Here are just some of the bias articles I’ve found over several months of collecting them from these two agencies.

Fox News:

Happy tax day? It is unless you’re a Democrat

Trump is strengthening America and its allies

Have the Democrats finally gone too far?

Waters unleashes blistering barrage of insults on President Trump

New book accuses Clintons of scholarship skullduggery, nepotism, and payback

Dem disasters underscores Trump’s sanity

Gutfeld on the Democrats’ failing 2020 message

Health policy analyst: Democrats’ so-called ‘moderate’ plan would ‘effectively end’ private health care

Stirewalt: Democrats ‘broadly misinterpreted who is in their party’


Pelosi’s clapback steals Trump’s show

Here are Trump’s options to scrape together wall funding

Why Joe Biden shouldn’t run

The stakes could not be higher for Trump

Trump touts 4th of July event

Trump’s presidency turns into the art of no deal

Her son died. Then anti-vaxers attacked her

Avlon explores Trump’s game of ‘hide the taxes’

Trump offers incendiary falsehood on abortion at rally

Is American democracy on the brink?

John Avlon: This is a core Trump trick

Why this is bad for our country

The two agencies are further increasing the divide between the Democratic and Republican parties. These divisive article titles are pitting their supporters against each other and are creating a competition between the two parties to see who can be superior. My advice to you would be that no matter what side you think you’re on, we are all in this together as we are all Americans. There shouldn’t be any sides at all, and we should all work together to make this country a better place rather than try to gain superiority over the other party that is the “enemy.”