Advice for Incoming Freshmen From Magnet Seniors

Liza asks the class of 2019 one thing they wish they could tell incoming freshmen.

Advice for Incoming Freshmen From Magnet Seniors

Hello, Raptors! Below are a series of quotes from AMHS seniors regarding high school advice. Disclaimer: Whether the advice is negative, positive, or indifferent, keep in mind that everyone’s perspective is strictly their own and in no way indicates what your personal experience will be like. Each student reacts to this environment differently; some excel under the pressure and some crumble under it. No matter what, you are sure to learn a lot during your time here.

  • Liza Allen: “Pursue a team sport or some kind of extracurricular activity—don’t be like me. Also, don’t be too intimidated by summer scholars.”
  • Andrew Zimlich: “Focus on one area and excel in it.”
  • Trap Puckette: “Never turn down a good time.”
  • Mary Grace Wolf: “Do not take programming. And, get a head start on all of your community service over the summer.”
  • Cannon Yarborough: “Take computer programming, its a lot of fun.”
  • Hannah O: “Go to a different school because then you’ll probably be the valedictorian. Also, always wear underpants to school.”
  • Baxter Barrett: “Enjoy all the Magnet social events to the fullest extent because it all goes by way too fast.”
  • Samuel Maher: “Work hard now so you won’t have to later.”
  • Abby Bonner: “Don’t get rid of any clothing item, because you’ll probably end up having to use it for spirit week. Also, you should begin with Spanish I instead of Spanish II freshman year, because at the end of the day there’s no point in being in a higher level.”
  • Caroline Young: “Don’t come here just to get into your dream college. There’s so much more to high school than that.”
  • Savannah Wray: “Really, really think about if you want to come here. Don’t just come because you got in.”
  • Rachel Maile: “Be realistic, don’t think that coming here will get you a full ride to Harvard.”
  • Graham Inabnett: “Know your limits. Don’t push yourself too hard because the environment is so negative. Try to distance yourself from it.”
  • John Conley: “Go on one of the school’s spring break trips!”
  • Hannah Garcia: “If you don’t want to have mental breakdowns, don’t come here. Also, bring a blanket to school!”
  • Kate Kuisel: “Find an upperclassmen to take you under their wing.”
  • Josh Cumins: “If you find yourself stressing out, just realize that things will get better.”
  • Mason Bishop: “It’s only school. It doesn’t really matter.”
  • Max Windom: “Go find Rocco, study him, and then do the opposite.”
  • Grace Moorman: “Don’t poop in the school bathrooms. Please don’t. It smells so bad.”
  • Zach Wallace-Wright: “Leave me out of this.”
  • Elizabeth Moseley: “Befriend upperclassmen.”
  • Alanah Colestock: “Don’t go into the senior lounge unless you’re invited there. Also, don’t skip out on the football games. You’ll miss them later on.”
  • Greta Waits: “Take Honors Stats.”
  • Morgan Southworth: “Use a planner, and be sure to get very good at time management.”
  • Lauren Yates: “Take AP Psychology sophomore year. Also, don’t waste your focus periods.”
  • Sarah Hudock: “Learn how to time manage. Do your A day homework on your A days, and do your B day homework on your B days. Also, make sure you dress up for spirit week and just focus on making friends freshman year!”
  • Anne Claire Purcell: “Don’t get suspended. Also, if you become very close with Mrs. Dover you’ll be okay.”
  • Anonymous: “I.S.S. is fun.”
  • Carrie Metts: “Get on Mrs. Redfern’s good side.”
  • Rion Brown: “Bring a water bottle that can stand up on its own and keep a jacket/blanket in your locker. Also, no PDA in the hallways.”
  • Eli Beall: “Transfer.”
  • Addie Ethredge: “Get some sleep.”
  • Rachel Walmet: “Don’t let your parents download PowerSchool.”

Don’t talk to Mr. Stackhouse when he is in one of his moods. Also, don’t walk by Mrs. Colon’s door if you’re sneaking out.”

— Anonymous